How To: 24 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

24 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

Are you one of those people that waits until the last minute to come up with a costume for Halloween? Unless you're a makeup artist, have a ton of money, or are ultra-crafty, coming up with a good Halloween costume is always a low-priority task. That is, until it's Halloween and you're having a panic attack.

Don't panic, though, because there are plenty of good DIY costumes out there that you can make in minutes, and here are just some of them. From printouts to raiding your closet to repurposing decorations, there's surely a good last-minute costume here for you to wear on Halloween.

#1. Print Out Your Own Emoji Masks

Emojis are awesome at conveying emotions we might not have adequate words for. That's why printing out masks and props of your favorite emojis would make great Halloween costumes. Better yet, you won't have to spend any money. Check out our guide.

Image by Nelson Aguilar/WonderHowTo

#2. DIY Full-Body Emoji Costumes

Want to take the emoji costume a step further? Use full-body costumes to completely embellish yourself in emoji-ness. You can easily throw on the dancing twins emoji costume (pictured below) at the last second. Check out our guide.

Image by mghn/Instagram

#3. Go as Your Tinder Profile

Tinder is the new way of meeting people, without having to go outside. Assuming you're reading this article, you probably want to go outside on Halloween, so create a Tinder profile costume for on-the-go.

Image via Unknown

#4. Or Instagram Photo

It's just like the Tinder costume, but you can be more creative with your selfie. Check out our guide.

#5. Print Out a Flappy Bird Mask

You know what's difficult as hell? Flappy Bird. You know what's not so difficult? This Flappy Bird costume. Alright, so yeah, Flappy Bird is old news, but that makes this custom even better. With mobile games going in and out of fashion so quickly these days, Flappy Bird is like a classic now. Check out our guide.

Image by Cosplayer Liebs/ACParadise

#6. The Purge Makeup Masks

The Purge: Anarchy, sequel to The Purge, wasn't the greatest movie, but it did have some pretty sick costume designs. The "God" mask, worn by one of the antagonists, is the most popular of the bunch and it's also pretty easy to create. Check out our guide.

Image by Kaylena Orr/YouTube

The followup, The Purge: Election Day, had some more interesting costumes, including Flag Face, Freakbride, Uncle Sam, and Lady Liberty. Check out our guide.

Image via Multiple Sources

#7. Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy and it's followup Vol. 2 were huge hits, thanks to its cast of beloved characters. If you've got $5 to spare, you can create your own Gamora costume with a little help of duct tape and some green body paint. That's it. Check out our guide.

Image by Koalipops/YouTube

#8. Pretty Much Any Minecraft Character

Minecraft, the obsessively played sandbox game, has spurred a great deal of costume ideas, thanks to the simplicity of its 8-bit characters. Check out our guides to learn now make your own Creeper head, full-body Creeper costume, Steve head and sword, or Snow Golem costume. They all mostly require just a little printing and cutting.

Images by BeforeAndAfterTV/YouTube, Cartoonium/YouTube

#9. Cut Out a Grumpy Cat Mask

Sure, Grumpy Cat is sort of 2013 by now, but how can you hate that permanent angry-looking face? Using a free template, you can easily make your own Grumpy Cat mask. Check out our guide.

Image by Kathleen/Snowdrop and Company

#10. Buy an Animal Mask ... Any Animal Mask

You can never go wrong with just an animal mask. Especially a horse head. Why? Because they never go out of style and they always look creepy as f@#k. Unicorns are in this year, so maybe try that. Check out our guide.

Image by slgckgc/Flickr

#11. Make a Palm Tree Frond Skull Mask

Have palm trees in your front yard? Then you have a costume just waiting to happen. From all those palm tree scraps, you can make some pretty awesome looking skull masks. Carving skills required. Check out our guide.

Images by Doctorsinister/Reddit

#12. Print & Cut a Polygon Mask

Using thick paper, glue, and a cutting utensil, you can create this creepy looking polygon mask in no time. But in case you do have some time, you can even go as a creepier version of yourself using the same process. Check out our guide.

Image by kongorilla/Thingiverse

#13. Cut-Out Masks for Batman Characters

Batman never goes out of style, right? Print out your choice of Batman, Bane, or Catwoman masks and cut along the lines. It's that easy. Check out our guide.

Image by Patrick Sullivan/Vulture

#14. Embellish Store-Bought Masks

While costume stores may be less stocked the closer it is to Halloween, you can be guaranteed that you'll find some simple masks amongst the mess. Better yet, you can use paint, markers, gems, ribbons, and other arts and crafts supplies to make a once boring mask infinitely better. Check out our guide.

Image via Martha Stewart

#15. Throw a Jack-O'-Lantern on Your Head

You know those pumpkins that you carved that are sitting on your front porch? Just plop one down on your head and you've got yourself a costume. Make sure to preserve it first so that it doesn't rot on your head. Check out our guide.

Image by Rasstock/Shutterstock

#16. Be a Droog (Preferably Alex)

Clad in white shirts, shoes, suspenders, black boots, and bowler hats, the "droogs" from A Clockwork Orange always make for an easy-to-put-together costume, especially if you have friends.

Image via Hen House Surprise

#17. Be a Member of the Guilty Remnant

Don't wanna be a droog, but like the all-white approach? Dress up as a member of the Guilty Remnant. Don't know who they are? They're a group of people formed as a reminder of "the rapture" in the HBO television show The Leftovers. They wear all white, don't talk, hold up signs, and smoke a lot of cigarettes. Simple. (Works best as a group costume.)

Image by S. Haskins/Twitter

#18. Be a Ghost (Yes, a 'Sheet' Ghost)

You've got a white sheet somewhere around the house, right? Cut some holes out and you've got yourself a good old-fashioned ghost costume. You won't win any Halloween costume contest, but it's as last-minute as they come. You can even claim that you're dressing as the Snapchat ghost, aka Ghostface Chillah. Or, grab a chef's knife and you've got yourself a Michael Myers costume (just not as badass as this one).

Image by Kzenon/Shutterstock

#19. Dress as Black as a Burglar

If you don't have white, but got a hell of a lot of black, dress up as a burglar. Just make sure you have the mask going on, or else you'll just look like goth kid. Check out our guide.

Images via Lois Proctor

#20. Error 404: Costume Not Found

If all else fails and you really can't find a costume, just don't make one. Instead, get a marker and scribble "Error 404: Costume Not Found" on one of your old shirts. Easiest costume ever. Check out out guide.

Image by zjbird/Reddit

#21. "#@^! Her Right in the +@$$<" Guy

Yes, everyone is probably already sick of this guy, but it's picking up steam again thanks to American Horror Story: Cult, where news reporter Beverly Hope had a few run in with these pranksters. All you need is a black hoodie, some black sunglasses, a fake goatee, and a microphone. Just make sure you go around interrupting others with his famously rude one-liner.

Image by Newmerica/YouTube

#22. Be Shia LaBeouf Not Famous Anymore

It may seem like forever ago, but Shia LaBeouf's publicity stunt did happen in 2014 (I know... I was there), so it's still a fresh costume idea. All you need is a tux and a paper bag over your head.

Image by ODE/YouTube

#23. Lazy Despicable Me Minions

Don't have the time for a real DIY Minion costume? If you've got some yellow shirts and a pair of suspenders, you're halfway there.

Images via Unknown

#24. Be Yourself (AKA God's Gift to Women)

You can probably get a little more creative than this, but you get the point. See more like this here.

Image via Unknown

Need More Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas?

Browse through the rest of our Halloween costume ideas, or check out some more of our last-minute costume roundups below.

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