Beware: The Purge Is Back This Halloween (DIY Election Year Masks)

The Purge Is Back This Halloween (DIY Election Year Masks)

Whether or not The Purge franchise will be as successful as Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, or even the Saw movies remains to be seen, but it's definitely winning in the Halloween costumes department.

While The Purge gave us just a few eerie face masks (which you can actually recreate with makeup), The Purge: Anarchy went all out with tons of new creepy costume-worthy purgers. And this year's addition, The Purge: Election Year, gave us even more masked vigilantes to dress up as on October 31st.

If you've made it out to Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights, you know just how scary these purgers can be in person—and you probably don't have any money left now for an actual Halloween costume. Thankfully, just like with Anarchy's purgers, you can turn yourself into one of Election Year's oddly patriotic baddies with some simple props and makeup (and some skills, of course).

Flag Face

Yes, there are plenty of Flag Face masks already that you can buy on eBay, but none of them are as scary as what you can come up with yourself at home. You'll need a non-toxic glue stick, liquid latex, tissue, face paint, fake blood, and some basic beauty tools and products. Follow along with Bonnie Corban SFX's video below to get the look.


Freakbride is the best of the candy bar schoolgirl purgers in Election Year. Not only is her mask terrifying, but her (hidden) backstory is equally so. The (just okay) masks on Amazon are too expensive, but this homemade version from Kookie XO looks pretty intimidating since you need a fake head to mold it around. However, that's the hardest part about this, since the actual mask just takes some tissue paper, liquid latex, and paint, as well as some lash glue to attach it to your face.

Bonnie Corban SFX also has a great video guide on Freakbride's mask.

And Sarah Hawkinson has a slightly different look in her video tutorial:

And if you don't want to go the actual mask route, this simpler makeup/face paint version from Meowlzebub seems easy enough:

Lady Liberty

While Lady Liberty's has EL wires all over her face, you don't have to go that far to get that creepy look down. UrbanDeKayBabe shows how it's done using face paint. You will obviously need a cheap Statue of Liberty hat as well, but you can find those pretty much anywhere. Or, you can just print one out if you can't find it.

If you think you need those EL wires to nail the real feel, here are a few videos from Haunt Former and Little Fox that can help you out with that. You'll need to make an actual mask to hold it all on your face, as well as buy the green EL wire kit with a battery pack.

The one below from rosaliesaysrawr changes the color from green to blue, but if you're going to do that, you might as well just buy this mask and slap some paint on it.

Uncle Sam

If you thought Lady Liberty looked difficult, Uncle Sam has her beat. Sure, you can grab a cheap Uncle Sam mask, but none of them look like as frighteningly patriotic as this DIY mask from Bonnie Corban SFX.

Made your own purger mask? Share it in the comments below!

Other Costume Ideas:

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