How To: Make a Creepy Slender Man Costume for Halloween

Make a Creepy Slender Man Costume for Halloween

Scary costumes are the only way to go for Halloween, but instead of shelling out upwards of 150 bucks this year for some store-bought outfit, save your cash for things like candy and create your own costume on the cheap.

The Tale of Slender Man

Remember the Slender Man? The mysterious tall 'slender' man who stalked children? He is a mythical figure that dons a long black suit, white shirt and tie. It has no face and, at times, has tentacles in place of arms.

The legend gained popularity over the years after the images (above and below) appeared in a Photoshop contest in the Sometimes Awful forum. There is also the Slender Man Game now; it's pretty creepy, but awesome at the same time, as well as a slew of recent real-life attacks motivated by the Slender Man tale. As if Slender Man wasn't creepy enough.

DIY Slender Man Costume

As you can imagine, the Slender Man costume is quick and easy to make, and if done correctly, it can look extremely creepy. So, if you want a legit and cheap Halloween costume this year, check out this video from ThreadBanger on how to make a Slender Man costume at home.

And once you have made your costume, why not partake in some awesome Halloween (or any-other-day-of-the-year) pranks?

For more Halloween wardrobe ideas, browse our costume how-tos.

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