How To: Build a LEGO Man Costume for Halloween

Build a LEGO Man Costume for Halloween

If you need a Halloween costume posthaste, you really can't go wrong with a LEGO man costume. And one made from cardboard that is fully functional, well, you'll probably win the "Best Costume" contest hands down. Not only will this mecha-esque costume wow everyone you meet, but it eliminates the need to apply Halloween makeup, style your hair, and get your outfit just so. With a LEGO man costume, you're ready to roll.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Some of us can't even put together a LEGO set properly, let alone a full-body costume. That is, unless you're YouTuber The Q. If you are, then you can get a Halloween party invitation at the last minute and not even sweat it. Just look down at your LEGO pieces, let inspiration take over, and start building.

Things You Will Need:

This tutorial is awesome to watch, but it's all about visual learning. There are no instructions, only music. You just have to watch what The Q does and if you happen to have a ton of corrugated cardboard lying around, a glue gun, and a lot of glue sticks, you too can give this giant LEGO man costume a try. If you don't have these materials though, then you can still watch The Q and marvel at the process:

First up, build the legs. Use PVC pipe to make them moveable.

Images by The Q/YouTube

Next up is the LEGO man costume's body.

Image by The Q/YouTube

Here is a look at the arm-making in action:

Image by The Q/YouTube

And let's not forget the classic LEGO man face: two black dots for eyes and a small black smile.

Image by The Q/YouTube

Time to Party

Once you've built your LEGO man costume, literally from the bottom up, it's time to assemble it and get to your party. An assistant will be cool here, to help with the arms and head. First, step into the legs. Then, add the body. Next the arms, and finally the head. Truly, it's a mecha made from cardboard. Perhaps not ready for battle, but for evoking smiles, for sure!

Image by The Q/YouTube

Everything Is Awesome

Awesome, right? Decades after its creation in 1949, LEGO remains as popular as ever. In fact, so high was the demand for LEGO this past year, the company had to try and slow sales — on purpose! Meanwhile, Google Trends tells us that LEGO is one of the top Halloween costumes for 2017, and seriously, making your own LEGO man costume only ups the cool factor, like by a thousand. If you have the cardboard, give it a try. To follow along with The Q, check out his full tutorial below:

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Cover image via The Q/YouTube

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