How To: Become Ryuk from Death Note for Halloween

Become Ryuk from Death Note for Halloween

Ryuk, the popular anime death god character from Death Note, has instilled fear into many. Just from the live-action movie version, his horror penetrates through the screen. I mean, c'mon, just look at this horrifying beast:

Image via Death Note (2006) – Warner Bros. Pictures

As horrifying as Ryuk may be, he is a lovable character and is especially admired in the cosplay world. Now, you can become Ryuk with the help of various YouTubers, depending on how you want to go about your costume. You can go the entire makeup route with all the accessories you'll need to become Ryuk this Halloween (or whenever), make a mask, and so on.

The end result is amazing and doesn't cost a boatload of cash. Here is a comparison of Ryuk the character and the costume:

Images via Takeshi Obata/Wikipedia, ellimacs sfx makeup – YouTube

Pretty similar right? All you need to finish the costume is an apple, and you're set.

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