AHS Cult: Become the Pentagram Clown for Halloween

Become the Pentagram Clown for Halloween

Pentagram has to be one of the most nightmarish creations on American Horror Story (even though she has some pretty tough competition to fend off). Can you think of anything much worse than a pair of hands wriggling their way out of your temples?

Well, a pair of hands wriggling their way out of temples that flank a pentagram carved into your forehead, which also happens to be covered in nasty holes. It's coulrophobia times trypophobia. If you're looking for a Halloween costume with serious gross-out factor, the search is over. The satanist clown mask worn by Beverly Hope (played by Adina Porter) in 2017's Cult is to die for.

Images by Wildroseartistry/YouTube, American Horror Story Spain/YouTube

Wildroseartistry's Jessica Rose has come up with a nifty Pentagram costume that we've turned into a quick and dirty tutorial. If you want all the details, check out Jessica's full video embedded at the bottom of this Halloween how-to.


To become the Pentagram clown, you're going to need:

Step 1: Sculpt Hands

Twist the armature wire into a base for your hands. The basic shape is like a cylinder (that's the forearm) that has a rounded pyramid on top (that'll be the palm). Reinforce the wire wherever you can by coiling more wire around it, as Jessica does below.

Image by Wildroseartistry/YouTube

Then add wire fingers to the palms, and cover the whole hand in masking tape.

Image by Wildroseartistry/YouTube

Mix your liquid latex with some baby powder to give it more thickness, and smear it all over the hands. Go over it with some pure latex so the hands will be smoother and less bumpy, then let it completely dry (this might take a day or two). Once dry, give it a coat of castor sealer so it'll be easier to paint.

Image by Wildroseartistry/YouTube

Paint the whole hand gray, and give it some depth, blending the two colors to give it lots of texture.

Image by Wildroseartistry/YouTube

Step 2: Paint Skin

You can leave your skin more flesh-toned like Jessica does here, or paint it all gray the way Pentagram looks in American Horror Story: Cult. Whatever you decide on, add the details of Pentagram's top using black face paint and brushes that are both wide- and fine-tipped.

Image by Wildroseartistry/YouTube

Then put on your bald cap and paint your entire face a lighter shade of gray. Use your black face paint to cover yourself in trypophobic holes, and then carve a pentagram into your flesh (using a paintbrush and red face paint of course).

Image by Wildroseartistry/YouTube

Step 3: Add Hands, Collar & Wig

Soak some tissue paper in liquid latex and use it to stick your hands to your bald cap in clumps. Repeat until the hands can stay in place by themselves. This might take a while, so be patient and definitely budget time accordingly. Then paint your collar such that it matches the paint you used for Pentagram's top.

Image by Wildroseartistry/YouTube

Finally, throw on your wig and mess up the hair so it looks more like Pentagram's. That's it, you're revolting!

Follow Along with the Full Video

Follow along with Jessica's video if you'd like more detailed instructions or extra tips. The wire frame for the hands can be extremely tricky, so there's no shame in pausing and rewatching the video as many times as necessary.

Let us know in the comments below if your Pentagram costume was a hit this Halloween, or if you made any upgrades to Jessica's costume.

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Cover photo via Wildroseartistry/YouTube

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