How To: Throw on Regular Clothes for Halloween & Still Terrify Everyone as the Characters from 'Get Out' (Group Costume Guide)

Throw on Regular Clothes for Halloween & Still Terrify Everyone as the Characters from 'Get Out' (Group Costume Guide)

Get Out absolutely tore up the record books this year. And the wildest thing about it? It did so with the most ordinary looking characters and props ever (hence the shoestring $4.5 million budget). Which makes it a godsend for the time- and cash-strapped come Halloween.

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

With Get Out, Jordan Peele is the first (and only) African-American writer-director with a $100-million film debut under his belt. The film is also the _all-time highest domestic grossing debut based on an original screenplay (it beat out The Blair Witch Project by a good $30 million).

So you can bet that everyone at your Halloween party is going to recognize you in a Get Out getup. Especially if you get a bunch of friends together and you all dress up as characters from the film — which is pretty easy because everyone in it is just wearing regular clothes.

Lucky for you, we've sifted through the film, picked out the clothes all the major characters wear, and even pointed out where you can get a hold of all the items! So read on if you want to just throw on some regular clothes, but invoke some seriously irregular fear this Halloween.

Costume 1: Chris Washington

With our embattled protagonist Chris, played by Daniel Kaluuya, you have two easy options. You could go with the all gray ensemble of tee shirt, sweatpants, and hoodie.

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

Or you could go with his other look, again with the gray tee, but matched with a chambray, black jeans, Red Wing Iron Rangers, and his signature DSLR.

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

Whichever one you go for, make sure to use some Kryolan eye blood and fake some tear trails to get that iconic "Oh God, I'm falling into the Sunken Place" look from the trailer. Optionally, you could straight-up walk around with a deer bust.

Costume 2: Rose Armitage

Rose, played by Allison Williams, might just be the creepiest of the lot because you keep feeling like you can trust her ... except she's the literal local procurer-in-chief of unwilling, unsuspecting black bodies. So you again have two ways to play her. You could play up the girl-next-door, "you can trust me" vibes with a Where's Waldo top and some blue jeans.

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

Alternatively, you could go for the Rose-unveiled look, and pull on the riding breeches, white turtleneck, and equestrian boots that she wears with a ponytail in the finale. Yes, the finale where she tries to shoot a hunting rifle at the man she's pretended to be in love with for the length of the film because he decided he didn't want to become a husk for some racist who wants eternal life and his artist's eyes.

Costume 3: Missy Armitage

She's so gentle and so motherly, and she's got a cup of tea ... and she's hypnotizing you so the rest of her family can stuff a different consciousness into your physical body for as long as it will last. Oh, Missy. At least her costume is easy — all you need is a teal necklace and a brown suede shirt and skirt to look like Missy, played by Catherine Keener.

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

Oh, and we also managed to find the exact teacup she uses in the movie. You're welcome.

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

Costume 4: Dean Armitage

For the brains behind this whole awful operation, Dean, played by Bradley Whitford, you're going to need Ray Ban glasses, a brown sport coat, a black turtleneck, black pants, black shoes, and a red pocket square. Evil never looked so much like a "cool dad."

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

If you really want to ratchet up the "this shouldn't be scary but it is" factor, you can wield a bingo card as your weapon of choice.

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

Costume 5: Andre Hayworth / Logan

Ah, poor old Andre (Lakeith Stanfield), trapped in the Sunken Place for eternity, or at least until his physical body is killed. At least he's looking good in the process. For Andre's look, you're going to need a straw hat, camel suit, cream polo, and brown wingtips. You can also use some fake blood for the nosebleed in his biggest scene.

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

Costume 6: Jeremy Armitage

This nasty piece of work (played by Caleb Landry Jones) never even bothered pretending he was nice, and a not-so-subtle hint of violence follows him everywhere he goes in Get Out. To become Jeremy, put on a gray shirt, windowpane charcoal vest, red and gray tie, and carry a lacrosse stick around like you're an insecure manchild who does all the dirty grunt work for a family who auctions off black bodies to the highest bidder. Yeah.

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

Costume 7: Walter

For Walter's costume, you'll want a green cap, green tee, olive dungarees, Red Wing Iron Rangers, and a brown belt.

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

If you're going to play Walter (portrayed by Marcus Henderson), it'll probably help if you're carrying some muscle, but if anyone isn't convinced, just run straight at them with the most intense stare you can muster:

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

Costume 8: Georgina

There's no sensible explanation for why Georgina is so damn scary. She's wearing the most pleasantly-pastel top you could imagine and has some yellow vinyl gloves on for cleaning. And yet, her look sears itself onto your memory as if she was one of the twins in The Shining.

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

It probably has something to do with the terrifying smile that actress Betty Gabriel conjures up.

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

Yikes. You're going to have to practice that smile on your own, but the tear-trail technique from Chris' costume will help you along the way. For the rest of her costume, you'll want a short-sleeve white button-up paired with a light peach tee with its sleeves cut off, finished with a black bob wig.

Costume 9: Rod Williams

Rod, played by Lil Rel Howery, is Get Out's knight in shining (TSA-blue) armor. He's probably the most beloved character in the film, and he's got a super recognizable costume for Halloween. What a hero!

Image by Get Out/Universal Pictures

For Rod's TSA uniform, put on a blue work shirt, navy pants, and black shoes. Then accessorize with a name badge holder (you can print out your own fake TSA ID card) and clip, a silver name tag, a DIY TSA shoulder patch, and a TSA badge sticker.

How many Get Out characters did your group manage to pull off? Let us know in the comments below, especially if you picked any characters we didn't feature in this Halloween how-to!

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