How To: 11 Clever Candy Wrapper Crafts You Can Do After Binging on Halloween Chocolate

11 Clever Candy Wrapper Crafts You Can Do After Binging on Halloween Chocolate

Halloween night for most people with kids means tons of candy. That translates into tons of trash from candy wrappers. But even though you probably wouldn't think it, there's no shortage of alternative uses for those wrappers, from clothing and accessories to home decor.

This year, get creative instead of just tossing them away. Check out these eleven DIY projects and put your "trash" to good use.

#1. Candy Wrapper Jewelry

There are many ways to turn candy wrappers into any kind of jewelry you can imagine. If you want to go minimalist, use one big wrapper to make a headband. You can also create a bracelet with nothing but folds or roll the wrappers up to make beads for necklaces and earrings.

Images via BiblioBags, Ecouterre, bunnykissd/deviantART

#2. Candy Wrapper Pouch or Coin Purse

Wrappers from candies that come in bags like Skittles and M&Ms can be sewn into a zippered pouch for holding money, toys, or even more candy. Or, you could use the smaller fun-size bags to make a coin purse. Check out the tutorial on Punkin Patterns.

Image via Punkin Pattern

#3. Candy Wrapper Wreath

The same folds in the bracelet above can also make a wreath to hang on your door. You can create one in neutral colors to leave up all year or use holiday-specific colors if you want to be festive. Find out how to make one at Michele Made Me.

Image via Michele Made Me

#4. Candy Wrapper Curtains

Fold wrappers into a bow shape and hang them on threads to make a fun and colorful curtain for parties (closeup here).

Image by Luisa Caldwell/SmackMellon

#5. Candy Wrapper Origami

Why origami with regular paper when you can use colorful wrappers instead? Head over to Origami Resource Center to find out how to fold flowers, polyhedrons, dinosaurs and more.

Images via Origami Resource Center

#6. Candy Wrapper Coasters

You can turn candy wrappers into simple DIY coasters with some cardboard and craft glue. You can make it easy with simple squares or get creative with a unique shape. The tutorial is on Re-Creations Project.

Image via Re-Creations Project

#7. Candy Wrapper Bowl

What's more appropriate than using candy wrappers to make a bowl you can use next Halloween to hand out candy? You only need some craft glue and a plastic bowl you don't mind sacrificing. Head over to Parade for the instructions.

Image via Parade

#8. Candy Wrapper Clothes

Need an outfit to match your candy wrapper jewelry? If you've got some time on your hands (and a lot of patience), you can make entire outfits out of wrappers like Tara Frey wore to her prom.

Image by Tara Frey/BitRebels

#9. Candy Wrapper Lamp Shade Sleeve

Similar to the bracelet and wreath from above, you can fold candy wrappers into a sleeve that fits over a lampshade. Check out the tutorial on Michele Made Me.

Image via Michele Made Me

#10. Candy Wrapper Purse or Tote

You'll need some sort of bag to complete your candy wrapper outfit. The process consists of making chains and putting them together, and you can create them in various shapes and sizes. Head to ScrapHacker to learn how to make one.

Image via ScrapHacker

11. Candy Wrapper Wall Plate

To make your light switches and receptacles stand out more, decoupage candy wrappers onto the wall plates and instantly make your room more colorful. You can find some good instructions at Martha Stewart's website.

Image by Marina/Etsy

What's your favorite way to repurpose candy wrappers? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to share photos of your own creations!

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