How To: Craft a Hoodie Unicorn Costume for Halloween

Craft a Hoodie Unicorn Costume for Halloween

Google Trends says that "unicorn" costumes are among the Top 5 searches for 2017, holding steady onto the no. 4 spot, trailing only Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and clowns. Seeing as how this year, unicorns made the full leap back into our lives, its popularity when it comes to Halloween costumes is not surprising.

If you wish to also dress as the mythical creature come Oct. 31, you have a number of options to try, but for a DIY that combines style and comfort, then look no further than this hoodie unicorn costume tutorial.

As YouTuber Jamie Petitto explains, this hoodie-turned-costume can be paired with jeans and sneakers and you're ready to go. What's more, it only takes a few hours to make so it's also a great choice for procrastinators. With a hoodie, felt, and a bit of sewing, you have a unicorn costume that's not only trendy but warm.

Materials You'll Need:

And that's it. A quick trip to the craft store will get you all set, and as said, it only takes a few hours to craft this hoodie costume from scratch so you can definitely do so on the day.

Step 1: Create & Attach the Unicorn Ears

Choose two colors of felt; one for the outer ear color, the other the inner ear. For each color, cut out two pieces in the shape of a house, about 7 inches by 5 inches. Take one color and place it onto the other, and sew together, leaving about ¼-inch for the border. Leave the bottom open. Next, bend the seams of your fabric together so they lay flat, creating a sort of "fabric shark fin" in the center. Close up one half of this new bottom. Then turn inside out. Seal up the remaining opening and form the ear.

Images by Do It, Gurl/YouTube

Then attach the ears to the hood. You can place them anywhere you wish, and since you're using needle and thread, you can always move them if you feel they're too far apart, too far back, etc.

Image by Do It, Gurl/YouTube

Step 2: Design the Unicorn Mane

To create your unicorn costume mane, you're going to simply sew felt strips down the back of the hood until you reach the desired length. You can make your mane as short or as long as you like. For hers, Jamie used two strips each of bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple felt. You may wish to go with pastels. It's up to you!

Image by Do It, Gurl/YouTube

Starting about three inches from the front edge of the hood, lay the first piece of felt down, centering it. Sew it in place. Take your next color and lay it slightly over your first strip and then again, sew into place with a seam close to the hood's center. Keep going until your last strip of felt.

Once all pieces are attached, cut the strips down the middle on each side. You can even cut these new pieces once more, depending on how full you want your mane. Cut all the way to the stitching. Ruffle the strips to see your mane take shape!

Images by Do It, Gurl/YouTube

Step 3: Add the Unicorn Horn

To create the pièce de résistance for this unicorn costume, start with a white piece of felt, cut into a triangle about 7 inches high by 5 inches wide. Snip off the point of the triangle. Roll the felt into a cone, starting at the top. Secure it with needle and thread, and then cut the bottom to even it out. To decorate, you can use a piece of gold thread and wind it around the cone. Stuff the cone with cotton balls or batting to help keep the shape.

Image by Do It, Gurl/YouTube

Once done, attach the horn to the top of your hoodie, right before your mane. Ta da!

Image by Do It, Gurl/YouTube

Craft More Hoodie Costumes

As you may guess, you can modify this unicorn costume tutorial to create other hoodie costumes, from elephants to dinosaurs to aliens. Jamie encourages us to try whatever idea sparks. For this Halloween, we'll start with the unicorn. Check out her full tutorial below for more DIY craft ideas:

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Cover image via Do It, Gurl/YouTube

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