AHS: DIY Twisty the Clown Makeup FX Ideas for Halloween

DIY Twisty the Clown Makeup FX Ideas for Halloween

Every season of American Horror Story introduces characters who are truly terrifying. From the witches of Coven to the ghostly resident of the show's first season, each new chapter of the TV series offers a host of ghoulish and ghastly costume ideas perfect for scaring children on Halloween. Some grisly characters even span multiple series.

Yet perhaps no character is as frightening as Freak Show's Twisty the Clown, which also makes a cameo appearance in 2017's Cult. In the 2014 season, the disgraced clown was introduced as a murderer who roamed the streets, but who also has a penchant for kidnapping. Things got even creepier as the season progressed, and eventually he became the instigator for the coulrophobia storyline in Cult.

Twisty, as seen in the preview for Episode 2. Image via American Horror Story: Freak Show

Method 1: Freaky DIY Twisty Makeup

If you're looking for a seriously scary costume, Twisty is the perfect choice. YouTube user Pinkstylist offers a step-by-step guide that makes turning yourself into Twisty easy.

The most recognizable feature of Twisty's clown face is his unsettling smile. With dark, careful lines, Pinkstylist guides viewers through the steps of drawing on an oversized mouth.

And, of course, the American Horror Story clown wouldn't be nearly frightening enough without his crazy eyes and scars. Using red makeup, you can make your costume drip with blood, too.

Method 2: Beautiful + Scary DIY Twisty Makeup

MadeYewLook's makeup guides never disappoint, and her Twisty version is remarkably scary looking, while at the same time one of the most beautiful clowns we've ever seen.

Method 3: Silly DIY Twisty Makeup

If you're going for Twisty's frightening face, but want to stand out a bit more, you can follow SmashinBeauty's tutorial to create a slightly different makeup mask.

Rather than focusing on his dark, rotting grin, SmashinBeauty takes a more clown-like approach, incorporating brightly colored eyeshadow and a wide, toothy — but still terrifying — smile.

No matter which Twisty the Clown you choose, remember that it's all about the scare factor. American Horror Story draws in fans with its nightmare-inducing storylines, so channel your scariest clown experiences to spook everyone you meet.

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Cover image via American Horror Story/FX

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