How To: Build Your Own DIY Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy Mask

Build Your Own DIY Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy Mask

Star-Lord may not have been a household name prior to the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, but you can sure count on a flood of kids and adults alike wanting to dress up as Chris Pratt's character this year for Halloween.

The costume is easy enough to put together with a red coat and over-priced mask, so distinguish yourself amongst the countless variations you'll see on Halloween with a DIY Star-Lord mask packed with detail and a custom paint job.

Just follow along with Dali Lomo's four-part tutorial that details, step-by-step, how to achieve this quality mask.

Tools and Materials

Along with the PDF templates provided by Lomo, you'll also need some basic tools and materials.

Because this is DIY, you can substitute any of the products with something you have at home. As a general rule: if it works, use it.

Become Star-Lord

Once you have your tools, materials, and printable templates, follow along with Dali and anticipate becoming the talk of the party or costume contest.

Add another member to your Guardians of the Galaxy crew and check out our DIY Groot makeup guide.

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