Create Groot's Mask & Makeup: Advanced DIY Guardians of the Galaxy Costume

Advanced DIY Guardians of the Galaxy Costume

Considered a huge gamble on the part of Marvel and Disney due to its seemingly small fan base, Guardians of the Galaxy turned out to be well worth the risk, nearing $800 million in world-wide box office numbers. Many may not have known about the comic book prior to the movie, but you can definitely count on plenty of Guardians of the Galaxy costumes this Halloween.

And while most people will take the easy route, dressing as more conventional characters like Star-Lord or Gamora, today we'll be showing you how to get your DIY Groot costume started with this tutorial from YouTuber Shapeshiftermua.

She also describes how to put together a simple Groot head piece with products from home or your local arts and crafts store.

The Products You'll Need

Because you'll need to give the appearance that you're made out of wood, make sure you have the appropriate products available and ready to use:

Paints and other products can be substituted based on personal preference, but these are what were used in the tutorial.

Get Your Groot On

Your costume may not be as majestic as HurleyFX's version (seen below), but you can still be a success this Halloween with a little craftiness.

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