How To: Make a Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy Costume for Only $5

Make a Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy Costume for Only $5

Guardians of the Galaxy wowed moviegoers this summer with its sassy, strong team of intergalactic superheroes. From Groot, the ever-growing tree, to Rocket, the rough-around-the-edges raccoon, the film had an unending supply of unique characters—but no one stood out as much as Gamora.

With her glowing green skin and undeniable toughness, Gamora won over comic book fans around the world. With Guardians breaking records nonstop, she's sure to become a coveted costume for Halloween. And with a few costume shop products and an assortment of household items, you can turn yourself into the tough Guardians gal for just 5 bucks.

Koalipops offers a quick, affordable way to turn yourself into Thanos' daughter with a bit of shiny duct tape, black fabric, green body paint, and a burst of colored hairspray.

First, you'll need to turn your skin Gamora green, which might take a bit of additional manpower.

Once you're green and good to go, it's time to craft Gamora's black outfit from head to toe. As Koalipops points out, any black fabric will do—you can even turn cheap fabric scraps around to hide any decoration, making them the perfect solution for the typical cut-to-size cloth at fabric stores.

Once you've wrapped your wrists in tape, lightly sprayed your strands purple, and created a shiny sword, you'll be ready to hunt down evil throughout the galaxy—and you won't break the bank on a fancy, factory-made outfit.

Go ahead and get body painting—you'll glow as Gamora, and kill any costume contest you enter! Who doesn't want to be noticed in such an affordable, stare-worthy costume?

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