How To: Bee-Do, Bee-Do! 5 Awesome DIY Minion Halloween Costumes from 'Despicable Me'

Bee-Do, Bee-Do! 5 Awesome DIY Minion Halloween Costumes from 'Despicable Me'

Last summer, Universal Pictures released the sequel to the popular 2010 animated film Despicable Me, bringing back everyone's favorite characters—the Minions. They're adorable, yellow, and they speak a gibberish "Banana Language." What's not to love?

If you're planning on dressing yourself (or your kids) as Minions for Halloween this year, you'll be in good company. There are tons of costumes out there you can buy or make, and here are five of the best DIY options for you.

#1. DIY Minion Goggles & Makeup Tutorial

Popular YouTuber Bethany Mota put together a cute Minion costume with a yellow shirt, tights, and beanie with modified denim overalls. She made her own Minion goggles, which are the most difficult part of the ensemble to put together.

The Minion's hair is made of black pipe cleaners that poke out of the top of the beanie. The goggles consist of PVC pipe spray-painted silver with an elastic strap, but you could use foam instead to make it easier. Check out Bethany's video to see how she made them.

#2. Paper Maché Minion Costume

Sarah over on While They Snooze made this awesome paper maché costume using an exercise ball as the mold. It takes a lot of time, energy and supplies, but her minion looks so realistic it's totally worth it.

Check out the full tutorial on her blog to find out how to make your own.

#3. Fabric Minion Costume

Instructables user jamesjhs went with fabric for his minion costume, and the cylindrical shape is made with the help of three hula hoops.

You can find a full list of all the materials used here, and take a look at the video to see how he made it.

#4. Felt Minion Costume

This costume by Instructables user cagrown uses foam mats to make the shape of the Minion's head and body, and the whole thing's wrapped in felt to give it the right colors. At least you know you'll be protected if you fall down wearing this one!

Check out the tutorial for a detailed description of the process along with all the stencils and diagrams you could ever need. There's also this quick video which shows it in action.

#5. Hoodie & Overalls Minion Costume

If you're not feeling up to designing and building an entire Minion suit, you can modify a few items from your closet to make things a little easier. Goodwill's Good Stuff blog suggests a yellow hoodie with denim overalls and spray painted swimming goggles.

Like Bethany's costume above, black pipe cleaners are used for the Minions' hair. You can find the full instructions along with a printable stencil for the 'G' logo over on Goodwill's blog.

Got a better Minion costume for this Halloween? Share some pics below!

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