How To: Perfect the Cheshire Cat's Purple Makeup Look for Halloween

Perfect the Cheshire Cat's Purple Makeup Look for Halloween

The Cheshire Cat isn't like other famous cartoon cats: he's brilliantly purple and hot pink, ever smiling and entirely unnatural. However, he makes for a perfect Halloween costume, with his bright, neon appearance and mysterious nature.

With this step-by-step makeup tutorial from YouTuber Charisma Star, you can turn yourself into the Cheshire Cat himself—no sewing, sweating, or item-hunting needed. Rather than slathering on body paint in shades of purple and pink, or sticking on clumps of fake fur, all you need is eyeshadow, blush, and eyeliner.

Note: this makeup version was inspired by the Cheshire Cat in Disney's animated film, Alice in Wonderland.

After applying your foundation, cake on the first layer of bright purple to your eyelids, ensuring it's very visible, then sweep it under the lower lash line, too. Then use a magenta color to fill in the inner corners of your eyes. Increase the color's pop by blending a hot pink eyeshadow with the magenta color over the top of your eyelid, extending it out towards the corners to create a cat-eye shape.

Then use some glittery moon dust eyeshadow over the lids for some sparkling shine.

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Once your eyes are as vibrant as can be, line them with black. Make sure you extend the liner beyond the natural corners of your eyes to enhance the cat-eye effect.

Then it's time to get back to that eyeshadow palette. Dip your brush into the same magenta and hot pink you used on your eyes, and sweep these colors down the bridge of your nose, and under your lower lash line, to create a feline profile.

Next up, curl your eyelashes as you normally would, then add your favorite mascara. You'll also need some more dramatic false lashes to make them stand out even more.

Use a deeply purple brow liner to fill in your eyebrows, making them as purple as can be, matching the color of you hair. Then set them using the purple eyeshadow that you used earlier.

Finally, it's time to complete the cat costume by drawing on a triangular cat nose. Use your black eyeliner to outline the shape, fill it in with purple eyeliner, then set it with the purple eyeshadow.

Cover your cheeks, sides of your head, and forehead with light pink blush to get a Cheshire sheen.

Then use your black eyeliner to add whiskers.

Next, use some eyelash glue to apply some glitter around the forehead area and around the cheeks. Then use the purple liner to define your mouth, then top it off with violet lipstick—and the Cheshire transformation is complete!

Charisma's cat ears are DIY, so get creative with your own designs. Fabric, glue, and some glitter should be all you need.

For ideas on the rest of the outfit she dons, make sure to check out the full video above.

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Photos by Charisma Star/YouTube

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