Double-Take: 11 Optical Illusion-Based Costumes for the Creative & Crafty

11 Optical Illusion-Based Costumes for the Creative & Crafty

Every year, some overly ambitious neighbor down the street amazes the crowds with his DIY illusion costume. While these costumes certainly require more work than pulling a mask over your head, they do have that wow factor that others lack.

These costumes illicit lots of double-takes, and for good reason: they make you look like you're two people, or are somehow bending the laws of physics. If you're considering taking things over the top and creating an illusion costume, here are some unique ideas you can use for inspiration this year.

1. The Not-So-Little Mermaid

For any lady who wants to be sexy and creative, why not give the illusion of a disheveled pirate carrying around his booty? (In this case, that's you.) This costume may take some time and effort, but the reactions will be well worth it, and hey, you get to wear a seashell bra.

Image via LoudBang

2. Rocket Man

Make the most of your legs and help them "take off," like this guy's jetpack costume. This ensembles creates the illusion that he's actually floating above ground, making this costume a 10 out of 10 in my book.

Image via Reddit

3. Baby on Board

The fake baby illusion is nothing new, but the way this guy does it is just badass. Instead of carrying a baby, make it look like the baby is hanging on for dear life off your back.

4. Monster Food

This costume depicts a person attempting to escape the jaws of death. If you can find a costume with a big enough opening for the mouth, just add prosthetic hands which will make it look like you're trying to free yourself.

Image via LoudBang

5. Jarhead

Kudos to this kid for scaring the shit out of his classmates by making a decapitated body carry its own head in a jar. You may want to skip this concept if you're claustrophobic, but with a pickle jar and a huge trench coat, you can easily pull this off.

6. Romney Gone Fishin'

This dude wasn't content with just being a fisherman, so he took it to another level. If you notice, he's actually sporting a Mitt Romney mask. Check out the step-by-step guide to see the progression of the ensemble and how you can make your own.

Image via Tylerwelsh

7. Upside-Down...Whatever That Is

If you have the strength to keep your arms up in the air for a considerable length of time, try making a costume that looks like you're upside down. You'll need to cut a few discreet holes in the "pants" so you can see and breathe, and sew a visibility mask between your knees. You'll definitely sacrifice comfort, but who cares when you're scaring the crap out of little kids?

Image via Costume Works

8. Snake Attack!

Here's an awesome costume that only requires you to sacrifice one arm. By fabricating a huge snake puppet and buying a fake arm, this guy made it look like a live snake was wrapped around his body, which is perfect for those friends with ophiophobia, or a fear of snakes.

9. Abduction

It's probably the most basic implementation of the illusion concept, but it's still hilarious. Make some fake legs and a dummy, and you got yourself someone to carry you around all night. This looks especially funny/scary if you make sure to run past a group of people while screaming your head off.

Image via westonschmeston

10. Ridin' an Animal

If people aren't your thing, make it look like you're riding an animal. Pick any animal out there, then create a pair of fake legs to give the illusion that you rode one in on your way to the party. To make it more believable, you probably want to obey the laws of physics and not ride a giraffe into the room.

Image via

11. A Magic Carpet Ride

This costume is a ton of work, but it looks amazing and just might help you win first prize in a costume contest. Check out the instructions to see how this genie made it all work.

Image via Instructables

Inspired yet? Share your thoughts and costume pictures and ideas in the comments below, or on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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