How To: Unleash the Beast with These Wild Animal Masks for Halloween

Unleash the Beast with These Wild Animal Masks for Halloween

Animal masks are always a popular option for Halloween, not just because you can pair them with practically any outfit, but because they never go out of date. They've been a staple of Halloween costumes starting from the 1900's, but possibly even prior to that.

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George Takei, of Star Trek popularity, even left a hilarious comment on Accoutrements' Horse Head Mask Amazon page, making puns left and right about the animal mask—a testament to how trendy these faux mammalian skins really are.

If you're thinking about purchasing an animal mask for Halloween, or any costumed occasions, check out some of our favorites below.

The Original Horse Head Mask

While its beginnings can be traced back to toy and novelty dealer Archie McPhee, who produced the original latex mask back in 2003, it's unclear exactly how the horse head mask became so popular.

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Whether it gained its notoriety from Tom Green's House Tonight talk show or from any of the Horse Boys on Google Maps, one thing is abundantly clear—the mask makes you look absurd and creepy as shit no matter where you are.

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It's not only the perfect mask for Halloween, but for all occasions.

Zombie Horse Head Mask

Putting a little twist on the original horse head, this zombie version of the mask gives you more of a traditional Halloween look, if that's what you're going for.

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Surely horses and other animals can also make the trip to zombie-land when the world gets overrun by the undead, right?

Pig Mask

Looking for something a little more demented? A pig mask like the ones below should satisfy your not-so-kosher need for something more menacing, a little creepier, and even a bit scarier.

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Just make sure you don't wear this mask if you get pulled over by the police—they may get the wrong idea.

Fish Mask

Looking like something straight out of the Mos Eisley Cantina, this creepy fish mask is definitely something that belongs on your head if you're trying to elicit some "WTF" reactions from your friends and family.

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Now you can feel free to shake that bass when you go out to Halloween parties.

Pigeon Mask

If a fish is too low on the pecking order for you, why not try out a creepy pigeon mask?

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Not only could you scare the crap out of people with it, but adding an accessory like a bread-necklace will impress all of your peers with your swag this Halloween.

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Pug Mask

Not into creepy? Try this pug mask on for size. And to really get all pugged-out, pair it with a pug shirt that really ties the whole ensemble together.

Images via, The Mountain

Of course the options don't stop here. You can always don a mask making you a zebra, giraffe, unicorn, chimp, and always-classic chicken. Oh, and don't forget your hooves.

Have any other ideas on what other animals might make some unusual or creepy looking masks for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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