How To: Breaking Bad Costume Ideas for Halloween, Plus How to Make Your Own "Blue Sky" Meth Candy

Breaking Bad Costume Ideas for Halloween, Plus How to Make Your Own "Blue Sky" Meth Candy

There's only three weeks left until the spookiest holiday of the year, which means stores and costume shops everywhere are bringing out their Halloween inventory full force. So now's a good time to start prepping your Halloween costume—because you really don't want to do it last-minute again, do you?

For the ladies, it's easy to come up with a costume if they're going the sexy route, since they can just take any costume and then immediately remove the majority of the fabric. But it's a little tougher for the guys, though with enough time and attention to detail, creating a great ensemble for Halloween is totally possible—especially if you're a Breaking Bad fan.

Breaking Bad is arguably one of the best shows on television, and it's somehow actually made chemistry cool and brought mainstream attention to the meth problem. While dressing as a meth addict is tempting, sticking with the main cast of characters provides a more appealing getup.

*Skip ahead to see how to make some "Blue Sky" candy.

Costume Shopping Note

Most of these costumes are easy to get your hands on, bit by bit. I won't really include any links to products, so just search Amazon or something—there's tons of cheap options out there on the web. This is more for inspiration; being a Breaking Bad character is way easier than you think—but that's no excuse to wait until the last minute!

Walter White

For the minimalist Walter White costume, all you'd need to do is shave your head, grow a goatee, and dawn some glasses. But what fun is that? Wouldn't you rather go as Walter White in compete meth-making gear, like this:

Aside from the basic bald head and goateed White, you'll also need some vapor filters, a gas mask, and of course—the yellow Tychem hazmat suit. Obviously, this works for Jesse, too.

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This is what you could look like (just make sure you don't use a raincoat instead of a hazmat suit):

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If you really want to do a simpler Walt, you can just find some old biege clothing at the local thrift shop, like miguelnigel1:

You can even do simpler first-season-style in your undies, if you can't find the right gas mask or beige old-man clothes (though you may end up looking more like a pedophile than Walter White).

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But what's even cooler than Walter White?


Walter's badass alter ego, meth kingpin Heisenberg, is way cooler than any of Walter's regular costumes. The pork pie hat says it all.

Image via

Besides the pork pie hat, you'll also need some dark sunglasses and a black windbreaker. Hopefully, you can pull it off a little better than these guys:

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And maybe tone the creepiness down a bit from this guy:

If you're a little younger, you may want to try your hands at a more suitable Halloween costume, like...

Jesse Pinkman

Obviously, as pointed out earlier, there's Jesse in full meth-making gear. But if you want to dress like normal Jesse, you'll have an even easier time. A beanie, hoodie and some baggy jeans. Easy enough. Don't forget the cigarette, either.

The Rest of Breaking Bad

Not digging the Walter White or Jess Pinkman costumes? Maybe you'd rather do a simple Mike Ehrmantraut, Hank Schrader, or Saul Goodman. Want to hit the early seasons? There's Gustavo Fring or wheelchair-bound Hector Salamanca. Or maybe you'd prefer the female route? Skyler White? Marie Schrader?

Image via

But overall, all of these (minus Hector) are hare to pull of unless you look like them (like the Mike-look-a-like below), since the costumes would be, well, normal looking.

Image via

So, you're better off sticking with Walter, Heisenberg, or Jesse.

Whatever you choose, your costume is not complete without a little blue sky. You can always go the scientific route and create some amazing blue smash crystals, or you could...

DIY Meth Candy

If you wanna take your Halloween costumes to the next level, you're going to need some meth. While making your own meth is entirely possible, most would recommend against that. You can buy some blue Rock Candy to mimic the shows famous Blue Sky meth (they actually use cotton candy flavored rock candy on the show), but if you wanna stick with the whole DIY theme, then check out this recipe from Sugar Hero.

Image via

The blue meth is the centerpiece to Breaking Bad and would be the cherry-on-top moment for your next costume party, plus you can give or sell the little baggies as well. The recipe is very simple and takes less than thirty minutes to make.

Image via

Now you should be set to win any costume contest out there, and if you should lose, you can always go Heisenberg on them.

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