Be Yourself for Halloween: Enlarge Your Head with This Bigheaded DIY Self-Portrait Mask

Enlarge Your Head with This Bigheaded DIY Self-Portrait Mask

Have you ever come across somebody on the streets looking like this?

Pretty freaky, especially if it's not Halloween. But you know what, Halloween is almost here, so freaky is good.

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Thanks to creative folks like Eric Testroete and Bhautik Joshi, you can now create an awesome papercraft portrait of your own head for Halloween this year.

To make your own head of your head, you'll need the following software:

With all of your software acquired, you'll then need to do some modeling of your head, UV mapping, mesh unfolding, and finally, printing and assembly. But that makes it sound a lot easier than it is. To get results like this:

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Just follow the step-by-step directions by Bhautik on his website and blow your head up this Halloween! Or just look strange during any other day of the year, like when you're getting your Playboy mags.

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Click through for the tutorial.

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