How To: Make a Simple Minecraft Steve Costume for Halloween

Make a Simple Minecraft Steve Costume for Halloween

There's no doubt going to be a lot of Steves running around this Halloween, as Minecraft still has a huge community, but those posers are probably just buying their Minecraft costumes. Isn't the best part about Minecraft creating? So why let someone else create your costume?

Unfortunately, it's hard to actually get away from playing Minecraft to actually make a cool Minecraft costume. So, more than likely, most of you will resort to last-minute costume shopping. But it's really simple to make one, as long as you've got foam board, a cardboard box, heavyweight paper, cutting utensil, glue, and the templates.

Creating Steve's Head

Check out the video tutorial below from BeforeAndAfterTV to see how to make a Steve head. If you don't want to make a Steve head, you can always snag one off of Amazon.

Creating Pickaxes & Swords

The video below is for making pixelated foam replicas of pickaxes and swords. Again, if you don't want to actually DIY one, you can get one off of Amazon (see below for links).

PDF Templates

You can download the PDF templates right here for your DIY costume. Costume Options

Don't have time to DIY your Minecraft costume? Below are some Minecraft masks and weapons that you can get for Halloween, but just make sure to keep shipping times in mind.

Don't want to be Steve for Halloween? Maybe you're more of a Creeper then.

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Thanks so much for saving my life this Halloween! :)

How do I print out in 10 pages? It's only printing off on one sheet?

There should be an option when the printer box pops up : "File", then "Print", "Properties", then look for the "Features" tab.. this is where "Poster Printing" is located where you can select to have an image printed on 4 sheets (2x2), 9 sheets (3x3) or 16 sheets (4x4). I hope this helps and what you were looking for. I use 3 diff. HP printers & Windows XP. Good luck!

Yes - I too cannot figure out how to get 10 pages - mine is showing up as 1.

There should be an option when the printer box pops up : "File", then "Print", "Properties", then look for the "Features" tab.. this is where "Poster Printing" is located where you can select to have an image printed on 4 sheets (2x2), 9 sheets (3x3) or 16 sheets (4x4). I hope this helps and what you were looking for. I use 3 diff. HP printers & Windows XP. Good luck!

having the same problem. I think the solution is to open the PDF in photoshop (or other photo editor) and cut it into segments, then save each segment as an individual page. I'm gonna give that a try.

I've cut mine into slices, need to print them to ensure they will fit. then i will save them here as individual files.

Ok so i would love to make the head for Halloween but i don't want the head to be the steve one, i want it to be the head of my own skin but i have no idea how to scale the head part from my skin to the same size of the steve one you have for download, so what i basically need is that steve skin head file but with my skin. Any idea how i could do that?

My skin:

odd numbered items are the top pieces, even numbered items are the bottom pieces. hope this helps!

Thank you so much for putting these on the web site. I can't afford $50+ for a box that looks like Steve and everything else has been difficult. You made this much easier and my 9 year old is going to be so happy because of your extra work to put it on here. Thank you again!

Page tiling is actually difficult if you don't have the right app. The creator of the Steve's head file said he used Adobe Acrobat Pro, but that'll cost you. Though you can download a free trial version.

If you have Adobe Illustrator (free trial here), you can open the file up in it and select your size paper (making sure it corresponds to the paper size selected with your printer), then choose the "tile" option and select "imageable areas". For the head, this will print it out in 7 sheets if you're using legal sized paper. If you're using letter size, you'll need twice that.

Or you can do what Brandy mentioned and cut them up manually in Photoshop (free trial), GIMP (free), or something, though you have to be careful with your print settings to get the borders to match up.

If you're a Mac user, there are some apps that make the process easier. Mindcad Tiler should do it fine (haven't test it though), but it costs 5 bucks. There's also SplitPrint, but that costs more.

I just tested TilePhotos, which is free in the Mac App Store and has like 2 steps. Before dragging anything into TilePhotos, make sure to set your preferences. It won't really work with letter-sized paper, since these ONLY splits up the image equally (and one end is bigger than 11 inches). So, set 7 columns and 1 row, then drag the Steve's head in and select your destination folder. This will create 7 printable TIFF pages. Use legal-sized paper to print them out.

I'm not sure about page tile printing in Windows, but the Adobe options above should work the same.

You could also just try using a site like block posters to split it up for letter paper (though you'll need to save the PDF as a JPG first).

PS... if you're using TilePhotos to split the image up, take note that you'll need to adjust your preferences before dragging the other images in. For example, while the head should be 7 columns by 1 row, the hair should be 2 columns by 1 row (for legal paper, that is).

Does the box have to be that exact size? I have a box that is 10.5 x 12, do you think that would work? thanks I haven't tried to print yet so I will see how it goes.

How do you make it for 10x10x10 boxes

Does anyone have a Zombie template? I am in dire need because I don't have Illustrator or the know how to freaking make the pixels. HELP!

Help ~ I do not understand out to print all 10 pages. I am using Windows 8....

I struggled with printing this as it appears that the helps are all related to the printer driver and not global to all printers. If you have tried the above hints and nothing works, try this. First, you need to convert the pdf file of Steve to jpg format. You can do this online without downloading any software on . Upload the Steve pdf, convert it, then download the converted jpg file of Steve. Second, go to the site . Upload the jpg version of Steve to that site, select your paper type and how many sections you want. I selected letter paper and 6 pages wide portrait, which runs 6 pages wide by 2 high. However, if you have a bigger box, you can play with it to make it work for you. Run their online software then download the new pdf file. Now you will have a new PDF file with separate pages that you can send to ANY printer for printing. Good luck.

Thank you so much for this! My 4 year-old made himself a Steve head from a cardboard box^^ He's absolutely going to love this!!

i was wondering if there is a diamond steve template with the diamond sword, this is what my son wants to be for Halloween this year.

Not that I know of, but you could probably just color in the squares to match the diamond blues. Or, you can just snag a foam one from Amazon, if you're not sure how to re-color the squares.

Anyone saved the pdf's for the iron sword and the pickaxe, as they are no longer available using the links above. Thanks!

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