How To: Make a Minecraft Creeper Costume

Make a Minecraft Creeper Costume

If you're a huge fan of Minecraft, then you probably know what a Creeper is and, therefore, want to be one for Halloween. After all, not everyone can be Steves and Snow Golems. This version uses printouts (templates below the video), and is very easy to make. Besides ink and paper, it pretty much only requires boxes (three different sized ones based on your size).

For people using Photoshop, here's the PSD file.

Otherwise, here are the individual image files:

If you don't want to go all out, you can also just make a Creeper head.

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Hi James, great video, my 9 & 7 year old Minecraft obsessed boys are going to love this. I better start working on it now for Halloween 2012! Do you still have the link to the print out, if so would you mind sending it to me. Thanks so much, Heather, mom of 3 in Central Illinois.

Great tutorial. Like Heather, I would love the link to your templates.

The links to the files have been added below the video. Just click and download. :)

OMG - My 8 year old is going to love this!!! Thank You so much!

I'm making this for my 10 year old son, since I need to make it a bit bigger should I use the same face template or make a new one because it will be too small? Also they have paper glue that will not warp the paper, you can find it in the scrap booking aisle of a craft store, Elmer's makes it as well. As for black plastic mesh you can also use black panty hose, some moms might have old ones laying around, I don't know if its cheaper though. Great tutorial !

So from the photo shop file, how many pages do I need to print. My son is about the same size as your video. Am I printed 30 sheets? I am confused.

My 11 year old and I made this for this halloween 2012 and turned out great. Easy costume but costly in my opinion.... cardboard, printing, paper, tape, spray paint etc....probably spent 50 dollars!!!

He loved it though and how much longer will he celebrate Halloween huh! he already entered two contests and never won because nobody knows about minecraft, just a handful of middle and high schoolers....He told me the jury is too old ;0((( So worth making if you have time and money. Here is a pic of our cripper! Thank you!

We made the feet opening a lot wider so he could run with his friends....we used probably half of the pack of paper.....

We had lots and lots of fun doing it together! that was the best part!
Happy Halloween!

I'm going to make this for my son... although the links for squares 2 - 4 doesn't work ....

Looks like those links were removed by monkeyfarm in favor of just the main squares one.

Thank you for sharing. My 9 year is a big fan of the creeper. Would you have the link where I can get the paper?

Thank you for the inspiration. We had a super super time building the creeper and my 8yr old son loved it. Made him popular with kids when he walked in to his halloween party. Even got a price for best original costume.

Love it ! Step by step instructions I understood clearer than any other tutorial I've watched. One question. My son is 13, 5ft tall and around100lbs. Any idea how the specifications should be changed? Thanks !!

Whoaatt....!!!!!!!!!!! I'll make this for my child for Halloween 2015! Well, I better get working.

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