How To: Make a DIY Minecraft Snow Golem Costume

Make a DIY Minecraft Snow Golem Costume

Minecraft is a simple game with a huge following, and is a great inspiration for easy, DIY Halloween costumes. We've already shown you guys how to make a Simple Steve costume and a Creeper costume—now it's time for a new Minecraft-inspired one.

The Snow Golem

If you are not a Minecraft aficionado, take a look at the clip below on the virtual creation of a Snow Golem.

To make a costume using items you have around the house that still looks great, the Snow Golem (aka Sno-Go) is exactly what you're looking for.

What You'll Need

This is all stuff you can find around the house or buy for a few bucks. Cheap costumes that will still kill at parties and are definitely the way to go for both the crafty and lazy Halloweener.

With all the materials in place, it's time to cut out the pieces and glue them to your boxes—just make sure to let the paint dry before gluing on the items.

When you're ready to craft this awesome Minecraft Snow Golem costume, take a look at Cartoonium's simple DIY tutorial.

When you've got your Snow Golem built, share the outcome with us in the comments below, or post the pic to our Facebook and Twitter feeds. And be sure to check out the rest of our Halloween guides for both intricate and last-minute costume ideas.

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Thank you so much for this tutorial! Cardboard Boxes, Spray Paint, & Felt is what I used to create this costume. I purchased a camo shirt with matching green gloves and white sweatpants to tie it all together!

Looks awesome! Felt was a good idea.

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing. Those sweatpants look very comfy.

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