Warning: The Purge Is Coming This Halloween (DIY Makeup Masks for Total Anarchy)

The Purge Is Coming This Halloween (DIY Makeup Masks for Total Anarchy)

One of the best horror movies released in 2014 was The Purge: Anarchy, a sequel to The Purge. Although it didn't receive the best reviews (and was missing Ethan Hawke star power), it was still very profitable, somehow better than the first part, and best of all—spawned various new costume ideas for Halloween.

The "God" mask in The Purge: Anarchy. Image via Blumhouse Productions

With most of the characters wearing custom masks, we'll be showing you their creepy-looking DIY makeup counterparts, especially if you throw your hooded sweater on afterwards. If you've got any makeup skills at all, these masks should be no problem at all for you.

God Head

Arguably the most noticeable look in the film was the mask with "God" painted across the top. With a glue stick, liquid latex, and tissue, you'll be well on your way to achieving the same look that Kaylena Orr pulls off in her easy-to-follow tutorial.

Movie Poster

Another familiar face is the one displayed on the movie posters. Since it's actually makeup and not a mask, this one is pretty simple to do with some white clown makeup and black face paint. As Kaylena Orr describes in her tutorial, the messier the better, so don't worry about making it perfect.

Big Mouth

This may be the most ambitious look of the bunch, but it's definitely worth it if you can pull it off. You will need a lot of face paint (black, white, red, and beige) and dark grey eyeshadow, but with MadeYewLook's video tutorial, the look is easily achievable.

Now, make sure to share your versions of these Purge makeup masks in the comments below.

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