How To: These 6 Cheap & Easy DIY Masks Are Perfect for Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

These 6 Cheap & Easy DIY Masks Are Perfect for Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

With only a day left until Halloween, a full and detailed costume is too much to throw together for most people. But you still have to dress up as something, right? No one will give you candy or let you into a Halloween party if you don't even put in some effort.

A mask is about as minimalist as it gets, but it's definitely better than nothing. Here are 6 ideas for cheap and easy Halloween masks you can make yourself.

1. Masquerade Ball Mask

Formal attire and an elegant looking mask make a super easy masquerade ball costume. To make the mask, just take some pre-made masks and glue on some lace, feathers, and gems. Easy as can be.

Image via Life After the Aisle

2. Palm Tree Frond Skull Masks

If you live in an area with lots of palm trees, you can turn your yard waste into a unique-looking DIY skull mask.

Check out the tutorial to find out how to make one.

3. Embellished Storebought Mask

Don't have time to make a mask from scratch? Grab a cheap one from the store to repaint and add details with gems, ribbon, or whatever else you want.

Image via Martha Stewart

4. Call of Duty: Ghosts Mask

For the gamers out there who can't wait til November 5th for the release of the newest Call of Duty installment, all you need is an old black shirt and some white paint to make your own Ghost mask. If you wanted to make it even simpler, you could always start with a ski mask instead.

You can find more details and photos here.

5. Grumpy Cat Mask

If you can cut and glue, you can make this DIY Grumpy Cat mask. It's just a bunch of different colors of felt with an elastic band, so the materials should be easy to round up.

The template is free to download over on Snowdrop and Company.

6. Leaf Owl Mask

The leaves are all dropping off the trees, so why not repurpose them for a cheap (or possibly free) Halloween mask? Autumn colors are perfect for a DIY owl mask, so grab some leaves, felt and glue and follow the super easy tutorial on The Land of Me.

Want something even easier? These printable Halloween masks are about as lazy as you can get.

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