How To: Make a Living Rorschach Mask with Morphing Inkblots

Make a Living Rorschach Mask with Morphing Inkblots

Watchmen may be old(ish) news, but cheap and legit costumes never go out of style. Easily the most sought after character for Halloween (it might be a little cold outside if your hoping to pull off Dr. Manhattan), Rorschach with his trench coast and splotch-filled mask make for a cheap, easy, and instantly recognizable costume for this coming Halloween.

But how do you actually get the morphing inkblot effect on the mask?

In the video below, HouseholdHacker shows you a quick trick to making the shifting inkblot effect using some thermal dust.

To make your Rorschach mask come alive, you will need a small bowl, non-toxic fabric glue, the thermal dust (for the shifting effect), and a white cloth or T-shirt for the mask itself. For the rest of the outfit, you'll simply need a dark trench coat and fedora.

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