How To: This DIY Serial Killer Horse Costume Is All You Need to Party on Halloween

This DIY Serial Killer Horse Costume Is All You Need to Party on Halloween

Thomas Ridgewell, more widely known as TomSka, is a popular Youtuber who creates over-the-top, ridiculous, and overall pretty funny videos—but sometimes they don't make sense.

One of those videos centers around Mrs. Johnson, a scantily clad and partied-out horse-human hybrid that goes around killing whomever he (or she) pleases—couples, homeless people... even babies.

Halloween is coming up pretty soon, and now you can share in the creepiness by dressing up as Mrs. Johnson. All you need is a horse head mask, a short white nightgown, a fake knife, and some sick dance moves.

Images via Think Geek, Amazon

Not everyone will get the reference, but it's still an awesome costume. Honestly, a horse head just makes everything that much better—especially one that's a party animal serial killer in a nightgown.

For added twist to this already twisted costume, substitute the horse head for the various animal heads available for your choosing.

Have other just plain creepy costume ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below, or leave a post on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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