How To: 4 Super Gory Halloween Makeup Tutorials for Women That Are Scary as Hell

4 Super Gory Halloween Makeup Tutorials for Women That Are Scary as Hell

Creativity and well thought-out planning are qualities to be admired when choosing a costume for Halloween. Going out in hordes to purchase the same 'ol outfits from a local costume warehouse means you're probably wearing the same thing as thousands of other people.

Creating your own costume is a great way to stave off the cookie-cutter look, but levels of craftiness vary amongst us all. While we've got guides for great DIY costumes for skills of all levels, today I'm going to round up some of the more gory makeup and costume tutorials for the more patient and skilled ladies out there that'll have you really standing out from the crowd.

1. Gory Teddy Bear

With the help of some scar wax, spirit gum, a little bit of makeup and blood, and a teddy bear, you can create a horrifying "teddy bear girl" costume in under an hour with the help of Bonnie Corban's tutorial—just be prepared to cut an innocent teddy bear's face off.

That poor, poor teddy bear.

2. Masquerade Flesh Mask

Another tutorial from Bonnie Corban (because she's just that good) shows you how to create a masquerade flesh mask, with the mask acting as the ripped-off top part of your face.

Before you start the face portion of the tutorial, follow the guide below to create the mask. Using a blank white eye mask, apply scar wax and paint to match the mask with your skin tone.

The face portion deals with lots of typical makeup (mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow) as well as liquid latex and fake blood.

Now you're ready to impress at the ball.

3. Chelsea Smile

The "Chelsea Smile", also known as the "Glasgow Grin", is the practice of slicing through the corner of someone's mouth up to their ears, so that they're left with a scar that looks like a permanent smile.

The gruesome act originated in Europe through street gangs and has become popular through comic books and movies. Most recently, The Joker from 2008's The Dark Knight donned the infamous scar and performed the Chelsea Smile on several victims throughout the movie.

If you're looking to pair this "smile" with your Halloween costume, follow LetzMakeup's tutorial below. All you need is some scar wax, liquid latex, fake blood, and makeup. This one is also good for the guys.

Why so serious?

4. Topless Bacon Gore (NSFW)

Lastly, we have a more revealing (and incredibly horrifying) tutorial from the folks at ellimacs, where you'll practically be naked except for some bacon (yes, bacon) and some well applied makeup and blood on your breasts. This one is not for the faint-of-heart.

Bacon + breasts? Sounds like a great Halloween.

Let us know what you think about these extreme-gore costumes, and if you need more ideas for this Halloween, we've got 'em. Check out these 10 nauseating looks, these 10 terrifying ones, and our Creepy Halloween Makeup board on Pinterest.

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