Chicks Do Gore: 10 Nauseating Halloween Makeup Tutorials

10 Nauseating Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Being a male, I may be the only one among my gender stating this, but I'm sick of girls using Halloween as an excuse to dress scantily. Why can't more girls skip the playboy bunny costume and get this gnarly?

Below, ten badass Halloween looks executed by girls only...

1. The Unzipped Mouth

Bobby Cohen gives a speedy demonstration of the unzipped mouth effect, incorporating the same elements as the infamous zipper face. Sick.

2. The Stretched Face

Another super creative tutorial from Bobby Cohen, this video demonstrates how to create a drooping, stretched face. Both disgusting and awesome.

A similar look by MadeYewLook opts for peeled lower eyelids instead.

3. The Slashed Throat

JLovesMac1 crafts an impressively realistic looking slashed throat.

4. Pinhead

Pretty sick Pinhead costume from UnlimitedElizabeth. Click through to the YouTube description for instructions on removal.

5. Regan from the Exorcist

Best horror movie ever! Myeyeshadowisodd does a rendition of Regan from the original Exorcist, shot back in '73.

6. The Full Out Zombie

Another sick lock from UnlimitedElizabeth, this two-part video demonstration presents a pretty elaborate zombie look. Click through to the YouTube description for instructions on removal.

7. Shattered Glass

MadeYewLook demonstrates a basic smashed-into-a-window look with face paint, flesh effects, coagulated blood gel, spirit gum, and fake glass.

8. Sewn Shut

Another sick look from myeyeshadowisodd.

9. Gouged Out Eyeballs

Again, UnlimitedElizabeth presents a sick look. Shoot your eyes out... or both.

10. Gouged Out Eyeball #2

From French makeup artist EmmyMakeUpPro, another demonstration on creating the gouged out eyeball. For English subtitles, click on the "CC" button in the lower righthand side of the player.

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#9 reminds me of Sam Neill in "Event Horizon".

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