News: 5 Truly Last Minute Halloween Costumes

5 Truly Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It's already Halloween and the night is fast approaching. You swore to yourself last year that you wouldn't wait until the last minute again for a Halloween costume, yet here you are on Samhain without a costume… again. All of the costume shops are sure to be crammed with last-minute shoppers, and you don't feel like spending a lot of dough anyway, so what are your options?

Well, if you've got a blank tee shirt and some art supplies, you can whip up a costume real quick. Below are the 5 easiest last minute costumes you could think of, where just a shirt (or maybe only some tats) will be enough to get you some treats.

1. Beavis & Butt-Head

Metalheads across the country basked in the return of Beavis and Butt-head a couple years ago when the show was revived for an 8th season on MTV after being cancelled for 14 years. Sadly, it didn't last long, and it was again cancelled, but its never too late show your love for these two awkward high school delinquents. All you'll need is a blue or grey shirt and some paint.

If you're going for Butt-head's iconic AC/DC look, just use a grey shirt and stencil the band's name in yellow paint across the chest. Using masking tape on the shirt before painting helps keep the lettering sharp. If you want it to pop out more, use black paint to border the letters. If you're going for Beavis, just grab a blue shirt and slap a Metallica logo across the chest in black paint.

If you have enough time, maybe you can even go for the exaggerated zombie look.

Note: This costume does not work well without a duo, so make sure to grab a friend. Also, having brown (Butt-head) and blonde (Beavis) hair helps. So do the red and light grey shorts.

2. Charlie Brown

Another music-inspired last minute T-shirt costume is Charlie Brown. Yes, I know Charlie Brown is just another cartoon character, but Coldplay named a whole song after him, and there's rumors of a Peanuts feature film in Hollywood coming soon, which shows that the 63-year-old boy still has some kick left in him (just not on the football field).

To get the look, just grab an orange tee and some black paint. Again, use masking tape to outline the zigzag black stripe and paint it in. That's it. But black shorts would help complete the look.

3. Candy Corn

It may not be a hot costume this year, but it definitely will be a trend this Halloween—as a treat. But when it comes to last minute Halloween costume ideas, beggars can't be choosers. And unlike the Charlie Brown trademark look, the candy corn tee-shirt is unisex! Plus the color combination is truly frightening.

To make the shirt, just grab a white one and slap some bright orange and yellow paint over it. If you want to get serious about it, use these instructions from Alexa, which uses more appropriate fabric dye. Oh… and don't mind the fact that it's a onesie… unless you dig that.

If you're completely lazy, you could also just don some yellow socks, orange trunks, and a white tee shirt (or whatever color order you desire).

4. Footloose

There's nothing more horrific than a terrible remake, and 2011's Footloose definitely fits the bill. And guess what? Being Ren McCormack is the easiest Halloween costume ever. All you need is some dark jeans and a sweaty, plain white tee or wifebeater. Some dance moves would help, too.

Best of all, this doubles as the costume for Kevin Bacon's 1984 version of the McCormack dance fiend. Though technically, you'd be wearing light jeans.

If you're a girl trying to be the Ariel Moore character, just make sure you've got some high cowboy boots and some kind of western belt. Any tight jeans will do.

5. Hesher (Or Don Jon)

Maybe you're not looking to ruin any of your T-shirts. Well, you're out of luck, unless you just happen to have long, brown metal hair and a gnarly beard. If that's the case, Hesher is the perfect dude costume for you. Though the movie has been out for a while now, it's still as easy as it gets.

To embody the full spirit of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, all you'll need is your bare skin and some black markers. Check out some images online for all of this tattoos, then have someone draw them on real quick. If you can't get somebody to do it, the most important one is the stick figure blowing his brains out on his front side. If you'd rather not freeze your ass off this year, you're still going to need a tee. Just slap a colored Metallica-like Hesher logo on a black one.

If you're not much of an artist, you could always resort to Jesus. And if you want a more recent Joseph Gordon-Levitt look, Don Jon is just as easy, maybe even easier. All you need is a short, greasy hairstyle, and a wifebeater.

Or a sleeveless tee with some 45 pound weights and a contorted face.

Know of any other last minute costumes requiring no more than a T-shirt? Share them for all of us in the comments below!

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How bout the box head LMFAO guy?

That'd work, but you need more than a tee and some paint. But cardboard is pretty easy to come by!


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