How To: DIY Emoji Halloween Costumes for Singles & Couples

DIY Emoji Halloween Costumes for Singles & Couples

It takes a lot of time, effort, and cash to create a unique Halloween costume that will likely never see the light of day after the 31st. Not to worry: you can do it on the cheap and feel savvy and creative while everybody compliments your ingenuity.

Considering how frequently people now use emojis, by dressing up as one you'll be immediately recognized at parties. Plus, you can make your costume with stuff you have laying around at home. Best of all, if people don't know what you are right away, just pull out your phone to show them your inspiration.

Twins... I Think?

Here's a popular emoji two people can easily do using a black, short-sleeved leotard, cat ears, and black flats. Alternatively, you could also use a black bow on your heads.

The twin costume is simple, easy to acquire, and all you have to do is stick one leg out for pictures. And as you can see, emojis costumes don't always need to be gender-specific.

Fancy Lady

This is an emoji I've received a number of times whenever someone wants to illustrate how "fancy" they are. The costume itself is extremely easy, and most girls will recognize you right away.

Essentially, you just need a pink long-sleeve v-neck and cool arm gestures.


For two best friends, just wear the appropriate clothing and hold hands all night. Talk about easy and comfortable... you probably already own an orange or blue t-shirt and, well, pants.

Depending on the partner, other variations of besties holding hands are easy to do as long as you have the appropriate clothing.

Creepy (Or Sexy) Mustache Dude

It's not an emoji I typically send unless I'm being a creep, but it's still easy enough to pull off with a fake mustache and hair parted to one side.

Emoji Faces

The original emojis were various faces that relayed emotion. The great thing about designing a costume based on these faces is you don't need a partner—and oh yeah, it's super cheap. With a yellow poster board, a ribbon or string, a black Sharpie, and rudimentary crafting skills, you can easily display any of your favorite emoji faces.

Image via Taylor Beth Johnson

You can be super meta by sendin an emoji while being an emoji on Halloween, or if your costume truly kicks ass (and even if it doesn't), make yourself dressed as an emoji an actual emoji. Share your thoughts and costume pictures with us in the comments below, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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