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The 10 Most Viral Costumes for Halloween 2014

For something to go viral, it usually has to be some combination of the incredibly absurd, hilarious, tragic, or overall meaningful to the times to become a hit, and like any other year, 2014 certainly had its fair share. A handful of stories dominated the news for weeks on end, with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the sexy felon mugshot guy, and the iCloud celebrity nude scandal, just to name a few.

If you're looking for a little inspiration this Halloween, check out some of the biggest viral stories of 2014, along with their accompanying costumes, that you can purchase or make for yourself for Halloween 2014.

#1. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've definitely seen at least one of the many ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos; maybe you even took part in the challenge yourself.

Naturally, store-bought Ice Bucket Challenge costumes use a bucket with faux water and ice. If you don't want to spend too much money, we've got a guide for cheap DIY Ice Bucket Challenge costumes you can make.

DIY helmet version vs. handheld version. Image via Halloween Ideas

Yeah, it's a tad bit strange, but it's better than dumping an actual bucket of ice cold water on yourself over and over again on Halloween.

#2. Ebola Containment Suit

Sure it may be one of the more insensitive costumes of the bunch, but considering the media coverage that has centered around the Ebola virus, a containment suit costume has to be part of this viral costume list.

You might even say it's the most "viral" costume out there.

(1) A real health worker in protective gear, (2) Store-bought version. Images via Tommy Trenchard/NPR, Brands On Sale

If you don't want to spend any money on an "official" Ebola containment suit, you could just repurpose your old Walter White hazmat suit from last year.

#3. Bent iPhone 6

The whole #bendgate fiasco has been greatly exaggerated since news broke that a few people had their iPhone 6 bend from just sitting in their pocket. Soon after, everyone was in uproar saying that they, too, had bent iPhones. While the truth is that only a few cases have been reported to Apple, it still doesn't mean that we can't laugh about it with a costume.

To see how to make this costume, check out the Halloween Costumes site. Image via Halloween Costumes

Using a black skin suit, a large foam board, and some printed out app icons, you can easily create your own iPhone 6 Plus that bends back and forth to your liking. For an added touch, stick some hair to the side of the iPhone and you've got yourself a #hairgate costume.

#4. iCloud Giving Out Nudes

One of this years biggest scandals was the hacking of many celebrity iCloud accounts—aptly titled "The Fappening." Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and many others fell victim to this attack, and while it's unfortunate for all those involved, it can be twisted to create one of the more creative costumes.

(1) An old "iCloud" costume, (2) Use this guide for costume inspiration. Images via The Naked Bagel, The Fun Times Guide

All you need is a cloud costume (which you could make yourself with some cotton) and some printed out nudes. Once you're officially an "iCloud," feel free to dump out nudes to fellow party-goers on Halloween (though, technically, iCloud was not to blame). Of course, you can tame it down a bit by using Barbie doll legs and arms to stick out of your DIY cloud suit.

#5. "F@#K Her Right in the P@$$Y" Guy

Donning a black hoodie, black sunglasses, and a weathered grey goatee, Fred (The F@#k Her Right in the P@$$y Guy) terrorized news reporters across the U.S., highjacking their microphone to yell out his now internet-famous obscene phrase directly into the camera.

Don't forget the redneck accent if you're going to actually do this. Image via Newmerica

While the videos have been debunked as a viral hoax campaign, it doesn't make the concept any less funny. All you need is a black hoodie, some cheap sunglasses, fake goatee, and a microphone.

#6. Three-Boobed Lady

Twenty-one-year-old Jasmine Tridevil made headlines this year when she claimed to have surgically added a third breast between her natural two. In this video, she can be seen prancing around with her tri-boobs. Unfortunately for some, the whole thing ended up being a hoax after TMZ released documents that showed it was just a really expensive prosthetic.

(1) The "real" thing, (2) And the really bad costume (please do better than this). Images via Halloween Costumes

Well, you too can create your own third breasts, albeit for much less money. Just purchase a couple of prosthetic boobs, overlap them and place them inside of two overlapped pink tops.

Angela Bassett as the three-breasted Desiree Dupree. Image via American Horror Story Season 4 Freak Show

For extra virality, in this year's American Horror Story: Freak Show, Angela Bassett plays Desiree Dupree, a triple-breasted hermaphrodite. You can use the same costume idea above for the third boob, then just add some red tassel pasties.

#7. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird, one of the most frustrating yet addicting games ever created, was a hit for the short while that it was here. The developer pulled Flappy Bird from the App Store and Google Play because of its addictive nature, though it eventually came back.

This is not only a viral costume, it's a lazy one, too! Image via AC Paradise

Wearing all black, someone at ACP cut out and colored the exact pixels of the Flappy Bird on poster board, using it as a mask. In case you don't want to do any work, you can easily just print out the bird instead.

#8. The Apparently Kid

Apparently, the "Apparently Kid" made quite the impression with his cute banter when being filmed on live television, eliciting more on-the-air interviews and even a sit down with Ellen DeGeneres. While an "Apparently Kid" costume would be great for, well, a kid, it'll also work as an adult costume, if you can match his signature voice.

Red hair is a must for this. You just can't do it without red hair. Image via WNEP-TV

Find a green and white stripped collared shirt and a microphone and you've apparently got yourself a costume.

#9. Tinder

Tinder has taken over as the way people meet each other, replacing having to go outside to talk to people in person. How about combining the simplicity of swipes with the thrill of face-to-face interactions by creating a simple Tinder profile costume.

This is very similar to the selfie Instagram costume. Image via Jimmy Lin

Use a large piece of cardboard and print out all of the parts of your Tinder profile. Paste it onto the cardboard and cut out the middle. Now you can see which people swipe you left or right in person.

#10. Jeremy Meeks, the Good Looking Criminal

If you've got a well-chiseled jawline, striking blue eyes, and a decent rap sheet, why not go out as Jeremy Meeks, the criminal that was the media darling after his sexy mugshot was posted online?

If you don't look like a supermodel, this probably isn't the costume for you. Image via Stockton Police Department

Just get yourself an orange jumpsuit, some neck tattoos and a teardrop underneath your left eye to complete the felon look.

Do you have other viral costume ideas for Halloween 2014? Share them in the comments below!

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