News: The 15 Most Viral Costumes for Halloween 2015

The 15 Most Viral Costumes for Halloween 2015

If you don't want to dress up as a vampire, witch, werewolf, or zombie again this Halloween, step things up a notch and go viral. There have been a ton of funny memes and absurd news since last October, so the only hard part is settling on the right one for inspiration for your costume.

Yes, they may require a little more effort and imagination, but it'll be worth it come Halloween party time when everybody instantly gets it. And to help make things easier for you, we've drafted a thorough list of the top 15 viral costume ideas for Halloween 2015, with some ideas and guides for building or buying your costumes and doing your hair/makeup.

1. Katy Perry's Left Shark

While it was Malcolm Butler that made the game-winning interception on the one-yard line for the New England Patriots, the real Super Bowl XLIX MVP was Katy Perry's "Left Shark" backup dancer. With goofy dance moves that led many to believe he had forgotten the routine—which he might very well have—Left Shark was a trending topic for the weeks to come, and has since been given credit by Perry for her Emmy nomination.

Image by NBC, NFL/YouTube

The popularity has lead to plenty of memes, GIFs, and store-bought costumes that I've personally seen at my local Target. If you can't find one locally, Amazon has a few good Left Shark costumes you can snag. You could also make your own if you've got some sewing skills.

Just don't plan on dressing as the Right Shark, or nobody will know what you're supposed to be.

2. Anything from Kanye's Yeezy Clothing Line

Drawing inspiration from the London riots, Kanye West's clothing line looks more like a post-apocalyptic liberation faction, and Ice-T has even called it "future slave gear." If you've been looking for a reason to throw money away to look like a vagrant, then Kanye definitely hit the mark.

Image by Alessandro Garofalo/Vogue

Hypebeast has a price breakdown of the Season 1 clothing, but with prices that are as higher than most people's rent, throwing an outfit together from garments you find in a trash bag in your garage is a much more frugal option for your Halloween costume. Complex has a decent guide for similar items you can buy for the Season 2 line, at a much cheaper cost.

Image by Alessandro Garofalo/Vogue

3. Rachel Dolezal

Although some may say race is a social construct, that concept didn't serve Rachel Dolezal very well. As a self-proclaimed "African-American" and president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter in Spokane, Washington, Rachel received immense backlash when she was outed by her parents who provided a birth certificate showing that she was of German and Czech descent.

Image via NBC News

For those looking to pass as an African-American like Rachel Dolezal did, then all you'll need is a good, bronze makeup job and a frizzy wig to get the costume down right (I personally like this version). Just make sure you don't veer off into blackface territory. Seriously.

4. Hillary Clinton

Following in the steps of her adulterous husband, looking to run for president, Hillary Clinton is a pretty popular figure right now with her own controversies. And while her campaign could be in jeopardy, this doesn't mean your Halloween costume should.

Image via Elle

It's pretty simple to pull off Hilary, considering that she owns every pant suit ever made. With a blonde wig and any pantsuit you can find, you'll be instantly recognized. For those wanting to take a Point Break angle on the costume, there are Hilary Clinton masks for sale, too.

5. Donald Trump

Running for the Republican vote, Donald Trump makes headlines every time he opens his mouth. For instant laughs, a Trump costume may be what you want; just make sure you're not preaching his political ideas, although, depending where you are, that might earn you a free drink.

Images via Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock, Yandy Lingerie

Ladies can purchase a sexy Donald Trump costume (aka "Donna T. Rumpshaker") from Yandy Lingerie for over $80.00. For those looking to do it yourself, put on a suit, grab some tanning spray, a wig, and a "Make America Great Again" red hat (or white one) and you'll be well on your way.

6. Anyone from Mad Max: Fury Road

George Miller brought us, arguably, one of the best action films of the past decade in Mad Max: Fury Road. In addition to the captivating practical effects and stunts portrayed in the film, Miller also created some pretty iconic characters; any of which would be a great Halloween costume.

Max Rockatansky

As the titular character, Max will be the one most will want to impersonate, and one of the hardest costumes to find matching clothing for. With something like this, you're better off doing it DIY style. For inspiration, items, or help, check out Mad Max Costumes. Yes, there's a site dedicated to dressing like Mad Max characters. For ideas on making the version below, check out Domestic Bliss Squared (detailed guides here and here).

Images via Warner Bros., Jessica Hanson/Domestic Bliss Squared

Imperator Furiosa

Furiosa was probably more badass than Max in this film, so don't be surprised to see plenty of females dressing like her. Check out this tutorial to get things started with the makeup and costume, then use Mad Max Costumes when you want to begin putting the rest together.

Images via Warner Bros., taysamp/Instagram

Immortan Joe

When it comes to fear and intimidation, no one does it like Immortan Joe, Fury Road's iconic antagonist. Amazon has the Immortan Joe mask available, but if you're on a budget, check out this makeup tutorial, combined with these instructions for building the mask. If you just want to use makeup only, this guide is a good one. For additional help or point of reference, check out Mad Max Costumes.

Images via Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Very Frank Pictures/Facebook

Costume ideas for other characters can be found at Mad Max Costumes.

7. Games of Throne's "Shame Bell Lady"

Aside from the fact that she was entirely naked, the most notable and talked about aspect of Lannister's walk of shame in Game of Thrones's season 5 finale was the persistent ringing of the bell and shouting of the word "shame!" from Septa Unella, otherwise known as "Shame Bell Lady."

Image via HBO

Until an official costume is made, you can pass with a grey nun outfit and a huge bell. Just make sure to yell "Shame!" as you walk behind your provocatively-dressed friends.

8. #Dressgate

Unless you were living under a rock in 2015, someone asked you at least once, "What color is this dress?" Known as dressgate, the internet was determined to find out what color this dress was after some claimed it to be white and gold while others saw blue and black.

Image by Hadar/Humu Sapiens

The original dress can be found at Roman Originals, and a split-colored version can be found on Yandy, but for the lax individual, check out the T-shirt versions from Clockwise Tees.

9. Tom Brady's Deflated Footballs

Tom Brady had a horrible offseason dealing with the deflategate scandal, which accused him and his equipment handlers of purposely deflating the footballs used by Brady in the AFC Championship game below the proper PSI levels designated by the NFL. The controversy is over... for now, but you can keep it alive with an original #deflategate costume.

There are several ways you can take on this costume. For those with a Brady jersey, just put it on with the right knit hat and take some air out of a football so everyone can see it's deflated. Alternatively, you can sport a deflated football costume (another option here) or deflated football hat. (There's a baby costume, too, which is perfect if you have a jersey and plan on lugging your kid around all night.)

10. Pizza Rat

Pizza Rat stole the hearts of almost everyone who saw his viral video. The efforts of this tenacious rat carrying away an entire slice of pizza is nothing short of amazing. Then again, who... what... doesn't like pizza?!

Images via YouTube, Costume Craze

Grab yourself a rat costume and a slice of pizza. You are now Pizza Rat! It's that simple. If you don't want to be tempted by a greasy slice of za, it might be better if you grab this pizza slice pillow instead of the real deal.

11. Kanye West 2020

You might think it's a joke, but Kanye West already has my vote for the 2020 Presidency after he made the announcement at this year's MTV Video Music Awards show.

Pulling off a Kanye 2020 costume completely depends on your creativity and imagination. If you can manage to look more like Mr. West, sporting some shutter shades, a clean suit, and a Kanye 2020 campaign pin can bring this costume together. For those that just want to look like a supporter, there are plenty of Kanye West 2020 shirts to choose from.

12. Anything from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The new Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens film isn't even out and it's already estimated to break box office records upon its release. As you'd imagine, plenty of people are excited about this new chapter in the universe and all the characters that come with it, which, of course, you can dress up as for Halloween.

Image via Buy Costumes

Although taking a cosplay approach would serve you best for this sort of thing, you can purchase costumes at or other online retailers. Popular characters to go as include Kylo Ren, Finn, Rey, Captain Phasma, etc. (The Disney Store has good ones for kids.)

13. Jurassic World's "Margarita Guy"

While Chris Pratt's character, Owen Grady, was busy saving the day, one civilian, known only as "Margarita Guy," was the real hero of the disaster going on within Jurassic World. As the camera panned through park-goers running and screaming, avoiding the aerial attack of the malicious pterodactyls, one man had the heroic mindset to save not one but two margaritas.

Images via Universal Pictures, Imgur

Not only is this costume easy to pull off with some of your dad's clothing, it gives you a great excuse to walk around with two drinks in your hands at all times. Throw on a white hat, sunglasses, salmon-colored shirt, khaki shorts, and you're ready to go. Glue a pterodactyl (aka pteranodon) toy to your hat for extra effect.

14. Burger King's Black Whopper & Green Poop

When Burger King released the seasonal Halloween Whopper with its black bun, I doubt anyone in research and development realized that the black bun also provided eaters with green poop.

Image via HalloweenCostumes

Just in time for Halloween, has an easy guide to DIYing your own black Whopper and green poop couples costume. You base of these two outfits are a cheeseburger costume and crap costume.

15. Jared Leto's Joker

When director David Ayers tweeted out a picture of Jared Leto as the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, reactions were mixed. Although some may not like the new take on the cinematic version of the Clown Prince of Crime, you have to admit it is different and provides a new version of the Joker for people to dress up as.

Image by DavidAyerMovies/Twitter

While the makeup may not be as difficult to pull off as Heath Ledger's version, the various tattoos will take you some time to get down right. But that's where Madeyewlook comes in...

These were 15 of the best viral trends since October 31st, 2014, but that doesn't mean there aren't more—or won't be more in the coming weeks until October 31st, 2015. What viral person, character, or meme will you be dressing up as this Halloween? Share in the comments below and help inspire those still undecided.

Want to see what the viral costumes from last year? Click here.

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