How To: Recreate Agatha's Look from The Grand Budapest Hotel

Recreate Agatha's Look from The Grand Budapest Hotel

Sometimes, when it comes to Halloween costumes, the easiest ones to make are the best. They require little effort, but can pack a punch and look even more authentic than complex character replications.

Recreating Agatha's look from Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel is perhaps one of the simplest ways to rock an easy yet flawless way to rock a Halloween costume.

As MintLaces instructs in her step-by-step makeup tutorial, becoming Zero's fiancee requires very little makeup. If you're a low-maintenance girl, her look is perfect.

The trickiest, and more important step, is creating Agatha's recognizable scar. MintLaces recommends beginning with a rough outline, then shading with the same shade of lipstick.

Images by MintLace/Youtube

To create the full look, move onto Agatha's hairstyle. Braid your hair into a pair of identical plaits, then pin them to your scalp with a few bobby pins.

Images by MintLace/Youtube

Finally, MintLace offers tips on pairing dresses, button down shirts, and other attire to create the perfect The Grand Budapest Hotel look. With their cult following, Wes Anderson films will always draw admirers, so get ready to impress partygoers with your unique look!

When you get your costume together, snap a pic and show it off in the comments below, and make sure to check out other great Halloween costume ideas to get you noticed on the 31st!

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Cover image via Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


The hair tutorial is great but the birthmark is on the wrong side of the face :/

The birth mark is so wrong! First is on the wrong side of the face and second the shape is horrible. Her birth mark is the shape of Mexico, it's even stated in the film. You could have printed a map of Mexico and used it as a guide.

you try to create it while I have a real birthmark on my face hahaha

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