Say No to Slutty: 10 Creative Women's Halloween Costumes That Won't Sacrifice Your Self-Respect

10 Creative Women's Halloween Costumes That Won't Sacrifice Your Self-Respect

Some women see Halloween as a once-a-year opportunity to dress in something skimpy without dealing with as much scrutiny as usual. That can be fun, but not everyone is comfortable enough wearing so little, and the costumes are so boring and repetitive. Some of us just don't feel like freezing.

Whatever your reason, if you're sick of the usual "sexy" and "slutty" costumes, you're far from alone. It can be a real pain in the ass to find alternatives since the, uh, low-coverage options are so pervasive.

So here are 10 classic ideas for DIY costumes that show off your intellect more than your anatomy. Make sure to check out my other roundup for even more ideas.

#1. A Bottle of Sriracha

For this Sriracha costume, you'll need a red outfit (either a shirt and pants or a dress) and a green hat. You can buy a shirt with the Sriracha logo on it, or print one out and attach it with safety pins or fabric tape. If you don't feel like getting fancy with the hat, just wear a green beanie instead. It's the easiest way to be "hot" without being cold. (You could also buy the whole costume, too.)

Images via Chawp/Reddit, Neeato

#2. Carmen San Diego

A black dress and boots, burgundy coat, and purple hat make an easy Carmen San Diego costume. To make it more detailed (and so people will actually get it), tie a yellow ribbon around the hat and carry a map or globe with you. Check out What I Wore for more details.

These costumes are also available online and in some stores.

#3. Rosie the Riveter

Grab a denim shirt and pants, leather belt, and red bandanna for a quick and simple Rosie the Riveter costume. Complete the look with a vintage hairstyle and makeup. Head over to What I Wore for more photos.

These costumes are also available online and in some stores.

#4. Morton Salt Girl

If you already have a yellow dress or coat, some tights and an umbrella, a container of Morton's salt is all you need for this costume. You could go all out with a blonde wig, but it's such an iconic symbol most people will get it regardless.

Images via Elle Fanning/Teen Vogue, Keiko Lynn

#5. Silent Film Character

Becoming a silent film character is all about the monochrome. You'll need black and white period-appropriate clothes and makeup, and dialogue cards make a great little detail and help you stay in character.

Image via Shrimp Salad Circus

#6. The Mona Lisa

Turn yourself into a work of art by attaching a frame to your back. If you're going for Mona Lisa, wear something black and drapey. You can easily change this one up to be any famous portrait you want, just change your clothes accordingly.

Image by Rodrigo Soldon/Flickr

These costumes are also available online and in some stores.

#7. Annabelle Doll from the Conjuring

Looking for something a little creepier? Find a pink robe or nightgown, braid your hair in pigtails and follow this makeup tutorial for a DIY Annabelle costume from The Conjuring.

Masks and gowns are also available online and in some stores.

#8. Wendy Davis

Texas Senator Wendy Davis made tons of headlines in June of 2013 with her 11-hour long filibuster to block a bill that would limit women's reproduction rights. She made even more headlines because of the awesome bright pink Mizuno "Wave Rider" sneakers she wore while doing it.

Her look is easy to replicate for a Halloween costume. Find a floral dress, long white cardigan and thrown on whatever colorful sneakers you've got in your closet. It helps if they're close in color, but people will get it either way.

#9. White Nun from American Horror Story

While there many other costume possibilities from the six seasons of American Horror Story, the White Nun from Asylum is my favorite for Halloween. A long white gown and strategically tied T-shirt make it a pretty easy task, too. You'll need some white and black face paint with black eye shadow and liner to get the makeup down. To recreate the look, check out the tutorial here.

These costumes are also available online and in some stores.

#10. Selfie

If you're really in a bind time-wise, all you need is a big piece of poster board and some grade school drawing skills to turn yourself into an Instagram selfie. Make a blue banner for the Instagram header and add your username and some likes and hashtags. You can find more details and photos for inspiration here.

Got another idea for a simple, non-slutty DIY women's costume? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to upload photos to share your look!

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Seriously? Wearing something "skimpy" doesn't diminish one's self respect. This article would've been better if it didn't feel like the goal was to shame women that wear what they like. I would advise the author to look up what the words "self respect" and "slut" mean, and realize that lacking one does not mean you have the other, and that both can exist in the same space. In short: you need to check yourself.

It's unfortunate, but society is a patriarchy. Sexuality is a social construct that is a reflection of the misogynistic society we're a part of. Women have been conditioned to view skimpy-type costume as "sexy", but for who? Men, that's who. Maybe you're not a "slut" or have "self-respect" but the reality is most ignorant men, and women, will not perceive it that way. I feel the article plays off the general consensus of society, right or wrong. But I feel where you're coming from.

Why is it I expected the boo-hooing of "shamed" women?

All I hear is "wah someone on the internet believes the same thing as 90% of our population, but I disagree with it, so everyone should."

Hate to break it to you, honey(s), but dressing like that, whether you like it or not, will be looked at as shameful by most.

I'm still trying to figure out where "slutty" fits in to Halloween. It doesn't..

Men love "slutty" its only women who bitch about other women who don't, haha

Absolutely love this!! People like myself search for costumes that aren't slutty or silly. This is inspiration for a future post of mime, I'll be sure to link your site for source!

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