How To: This DIY Annabelle Doll Costume from the Conjuring Will Haunt Your Halloween

This DIY Annabelle Doll Costume from the Conjuring Will Haunt Your Halloween

If The Conjuring wasn't scary enough for you, once you find out that the haunted doll in the movie was based on true events, you'll cry. At least, that's what I did. I mean, my girlfriend did.

She wasn't able to sleep afterward, which meant I couldn't either, so I spent all night reading about the original Annabelle doll. It doesn't look anything like the frightening recreation in the film.

While we're sure to see a few Halloween stores attempt to sell costumes that revolve around the Annabelle doll, especially since she's gotten her own spinoff movie, aptly titled Annabelle, they're sure to be cheap and tacky, as most store-bought costumes are. If you want to make people shit their pants this Halloween, you'll have to take matters into your own hands.

DIY Annabelle Doll Costume & Makeup

YouTube user juicystar07 (Blair Fowler) has this almost 15-minute tutorial on how to apply the makeup just like the Annabelle doll, with mostly face cream, eyeshadow, lipstick, and scarring liquid.

She also goes over the wig and costume, which could either be bought or just found out home. If you already have bangs and long hair, you can easily just braid your hair. For the costume, you can use a light pink silk robe or purchase one at a thrift shop.

Overall, the costume is pretty simple and looks pretty good. The only qualm I have is that she doesn't look scary enough and it's probably because she's lacking some creepy looking contacts, so make sure to add that to your costume.

Those are some scary looking eyes.

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Thought I would share! Just tweaked a McCall's Pattern and made it yesterday. VIOLA!

Annabelle Costume requested by my niece. :)

How much would you charge to make and send one to mem I cant find one anywhere around here

I would love to have one of these also! I can't find one anywhere either and my daughter is wanting to go as Annabelle for a Halloween party on 11/1. Would you consider making and shipping and what would the cost be?


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