AHS Asylum: How to Make a Crying White Nun Costume for Halloween

How to Make a Crying White Nun Costume for Halloween

American Horror Story might just be the craziest TV shows out there, with its absurd plot twists, creepy, over-the-top characters, and wicked storyline. It's gained a cult following ever since the first season, Murder House, and has even earned some Emmys along the way.

In its second season, Asylum, the writers introduced us to a crop of not-so-godly nuns in a mental institution. Needless to say, these made for some pretty scary nights, and the creepiest sister of them all was the white nun, who never actually appeared in any episodes, only in posters and promotional trailers.

The crying nun was an image that stuck with me at night, haunting me with those bleeding black eyes. Thankfully, creepy things like that make for some great costumes, and this one can be done on the cheap.

Tutorial #1

YouTuber Julian has created a super simple tutorial for anyone to follow.

All you need is a plain white T-shirt, a white gown (or black one if you want to go the black nun route), washable glue to be applied to your eyebrows, makeup base, black eyeliner, black eye shadow, white face paint, and black paint for the creepy tears.

Tutorial #2

If you don't want to go the T-shirt route, check out the following DIY guide from YouTuber Pinkstylist.

Tutorial #3

Pria Make-up also has a great guide, which is slightly easier than the ones before.

Tutorial #4

AprilAthena7's guide below uses pretty much the same principals as the above ones, but comes out with a slightly different look.

Even with Coven already over and the newest season, Freak Show, airing right now, I think this will be the best American Horror Story costume for Halloween. I mean, witches and freaks have been done to death.

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