How To: These DIY Animatronic Jack-O'-Lanterns Sing Any Song That You Want

These DIY Animatronic Jack-O'-Lanterns Sing Any Song That You Want

You can carve a pumpkin that smokes, has an LED display, or even one with the President's face on it, but if you want your jack-o'-lantern to really stand out—make it sing the Ghostbusters theme.

The team over at Minion City made these animatronic pumpkins with their own Minion dev board, but you could also use a wireless radio board. For each pumpkin, they used a battery pack, servos, and a small perfboard, with GE Color Effects for the lighting.

After carving out faces, they hot glued a servo inside each pumpkin and attached piece of a wire hanger to open and close the mouths. Then, they made 5V regulators and connectors for the servos and lights using the perfboards. Finally, they attached a battery pack to each one. You can see more of the setup in the video below.

Visit the project page to learn how to program the pumpkins and light effects. Check out the videos below to see what else they can sing.

Singing Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Singing Josh Turner's "Would You Go with Me"

Singing "Witch Doctor" by Alvin & the Chipmunks

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