News: Bring the Brothers Grimm Characters to Life This Halloween

Bring the Brothers Grimm Characters to Life This Halloween

Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty are some of the most horrific fairy tales ever written, but over the course of nearly 200 years they've become watered down and sugar coated for innocent children everywhere. The original tales by the Brothers Grimm are virtually opposites of how we know them today, because they were never really intended for unsullied youngsters. The folk tales came from storytellers across the German countryside, recounting the terrors they've heard over their lifetime, transcribed by the Brothers Grimm in all its brutality.

This Halloween season, a new television show is out to put the 'grim' back in Grimm.

"Grimm" is NBC's newest police drama based on the classic Grimm's Fairy Tales, but it's not your ordinary cop show—there's a twist. Set in present day Portland, Oregon, the show centers around homicide detective Nick Purkhardt who discovers he's a descendent of an elite line of criminal profilers called "Grimms," who are responsible for keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world.

If you're looking forward to the new series, you're in luck. The season doesn't premiere until next week—Friday, October 28th at 9 p.m. (PST)—but, there is a special code being offered by NBC to watch the first episode right now by following the official Grimm Twitter handle.

Check it out now—maybe it'll even sway your Halloween costume choice this year. Below, several Grimm-inspired costume and makeup ideas for you to consider... plus a few gruesome facts from the original tales. 


Some of the tales by the Brothers Grimm were not from the mouths of poor German peasants and wealthy aristocrats, but from other well-known authors such as Charles Perrault, who in turn retold tales by even older storytellers. In the oldest known version of Cinderella, instead of beautiful slippers and dainty feet, there were pianellas (foot-tall, cork-soled galoshes) and severed toes. The interpretation by the Brothers Grimm ditched the galoshes in favor of a golden shoe, but kept the chopped off digits.

In most versions today, the feet are merely scrunched to fit into the shoe, not adjusted by knife. But no matter which version you're familiar with, the look of Cinderella is all the same… gorgeous. Check out this video by Kandee Johnson to see how to apply makeup for your Cinderella costume this year.

Little Red Riding Hood

In most versions of Little Red Riding Hood, the main character is the epitome of a beautiful young woman, and the story is a morality tale warning attractive women of the advances of men, more so obliging and gentle men with venereal motives. It's packed with sexual tension and parallels death with the loss of virginity. But no matter how the story ends, Little Red Riding Hood will always be wearing red, like in the custom how-to below by RetroSewing.

In the oldest versions, Little Red Riding Hood does meet her demise by the Big Bad Wolf (in some cases, a werewolf). But in Grimm's tales, she lives and the wolf dies. No matter if the wolf lives or dies, he's still one hell of a scary creature to dress up as for Halloween. Check out the videos below to see how to make a couple different werewolf masks and costumes.

Snow White

The disneyfication of Snow White is almost as gory as the Grimm's version, with the Evil Queen demanding the actual heart of Snow White, but in the Grimm tale she also demands the liver to feast on. There is still the magic mirror, the poisoned apple, the glass coffin, seven dwarves, and the lovely Snow White herself. If you're going for the Snow White look this Halloween, check out Michelle Phan's makeup tutorial below.

If you prefer to scare everyone for Halloween instead, try out the Evil Queen look from Joanna Delilah. It's quite detailed and you'll need liquid latex, but don't let that stop you from trying. Oh, and in earlier versions of Snow White, the Evil Queen is forced to wear flaming hot metal shoes and dance herself to death.


The basic story of Rapunzel remains the same from early versions to Grimm's to current ones, where Rapunzel's long golden locks are used by the prince to climb up to her in her isolated tower. If you're looking to embody the full spirit of Rapunzel this Halloween, check out the hair and makeup tutorials below.

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