Forum Thread: How to Make Your Halloween Pumpkin Last Longer with Silica Gel?

I think there is no one who doesn't love halloween festivals. pumpkin patch and this charming month-long Halloween festival is an annual tradition. Carving a pumpkin for Halloween takes a lot of effort. So we expect that this pumpkin useful for next year also.

Just keep your pumpkin in a dry temperature location. Exposure to the elements, such as rain and freezing temperatures, will damage your pumpkin and encourage decay. Extending the usefulness of your pumpkin is a matter of keeping it hydrated while inhibiting rot, mold and bacteria growth and your pumpkin is nomore useful.

Silica Gel is a desiccant which eliminate excess moisture from the air and keep your valuable dry and safe. You can find this silica gel in shoe box, food packaging or any electronic thing you buy.

Step 1: Carving and Washing

Carving your pumpkin smoothly, nowits needs tobe wash properly with water spray or directly in water bucket. Cut the upper (top) side of pumping with knife.

Step 2: Clean Pumpkin

Take clean towel to clean it. and remove water from it.

Step 3: Cut Top Side and Put

Take one silica gel packet and embed into pumpkin from top side and move that pumpkin to another secure place. you can also beads to this task. just cut silica gel packet and put that bead into pumpkin.

Your Pumpkin is ready to use for long time also for next years.

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