How To: Stain Your Teeth Realistically for Halloween Makeup

Stain Your Teeth Realistically for Halloween Makeup

Halloween is upon us, ladies and ghouls, so it's time to start considering your masquerading garb for the big night of spookery. If you're going as a monster or a hobo then this makeup tutorial is indispensable for your costume's success.

Check out this Halloween makeup video by Petrilude to learn how to stain your teeth black so it looks like you're missing a few chompers.

Kryolan, Mehron, and Ben Nye all have stains for teeth.

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Heres how you use non toxic eyeliner instead of tooth wax, I did it with fangs but all you need to do is shade instead of fill :) The trick is to seal it it, with what? Watch to find out.

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