How To: Make an Incredibly Realistic and Completely Functional Armored Gauntlet

Make an Incredibly Realistic and Completely Functional Armored Gauntlet

If you've decided to forgo the super heroes and television characters and go medieval this year for Halloween, David J. Guyton has just the thing to take your costume over the top. To promote his new book, he built this awesome gauntlet armor—and made a step-by-step tutorial.

David's is made of brass because it's meant to be a prop (would work well with Steampunk), but if you wanted to make it legit, he suggests trying steel instead. He started with a paper template, which he used to trace the design onto the metal.

After cutting out all the pieces, he used his own homemade jigs and a bench vice to bend them into place. It's held together with rivets that David made from pieces of copper rod. Check out the video to see the whole process.

If you're interested in making one for yourself, you can pick up the template and instructions over on David's website for 5 bucks. It may be time consuming, but with a little customization, you'd definitely have the most convincing Iron Man costume at any party!

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Wow, this is awesome, but I don't even want to think about how long it took to make this! That's a lot of detail work!

Wow. Yeah, this is wayyyyy over my skills.

I dunno. Having watched the video, every step seems pretty simple and straightforward, it's just intimidating because of how much work it all is!

And all to promote a about a man of many talents!

it take's about 2 hour to make left :P

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