How To: Complete Your Captain America Avengers Costume with One of These DIY Shields

Complete Your Captain America Avengers Costume with One of These DIY Shields

So you've decided to go as Captain America for Halloween and you've got everything from the helmet to a sweet pair of red boots. You've even managed to get your hands on some Super-Soldier Serum (or a realistic set of inflatable muscles), so you've got the physique, too. But what's missing?

His shield!

In order to make your Captain America costume legit, you cannot skip the shield. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to make yourself a DIY shield—so you can fend off enemies and look good doing it. It won't be indestructible, but it's sure to protect you from flying candy.

Saucer Sled Shield

There's tons of stuff you can use to build a shield that you probably already have at home. Got an old saucer sled that you don't use anymore? With a jigsaw, some paint, and a few cheap door handles, you can turn it into a pretty decent looking shield like Kyle did.

Image via

Check out his tutorial on League of Heroes to see the process.

Satellite Shield

Ditched your satellite television service, but still have the dish? If you've got the right tools, just take it apart, spray paint it, and attach some belts. The result may not be indestructible like Captain America's, but it sure beats the saucer sled above (though it's a lot heavier).

Just watch the video above to see how to make your satellite shied.

Cardboard Shield I

Want to go simpler? It doesn't get much more minimalist than cardboard and duct tape!

Images via

Instructables user seamster made this one and uploaded a tutorial, complete with patterns for the design. And the best part? It doubles as a frisbee!

Cardboard Shield II

If you're really pressed for time (or just lazy), check out the video below to see how to make an even easier cardboard version. It may not look quite as authentic, but it's super simple and the most time-consuming part is just waiting for the paint dry.

Do you have any other ideas? If anyone decides to make one of these, be sure to upload photos in the Inspiration section!

Images from MCUwiki, Elliot Trinidad

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