How To: Make a Cardboard Captain America Shield for Halloween

Make a Cardboard Captain America Shield for Halloween

As if Captain America: The First Avenger wasn't awesome enough, Marvel hit us with Captain America: The Winter Soldier this year, and it was even more spectacular than its predecessor. Grossing nearly $260 million in domestic sales, it's safe to say America loves Captain America and we'll probably get a heavy dose of Captain costumes this year for Halloween.

Image via Marvel Studios

Anyone can buy a costume from the store, but what will help set you apart from everyone else is a badass DIY Captain America shield, unmatched by store-bought, plastic props. Check out Dali Lomo's two-part tutorial on how to create this freakin' awesome shield.

What You'll Need

To make the video even more helpful and easy to follow, the creator has included a print-friendly PDF so you can get the dimensions of the pieces exactly like he did. Along with the PDF, you'll also need a few more basic materials:

If you can't find the right color of spray paint, do what the instructor does in the video and substitute it with acrylic paint.

Shield Yourself

With the necessary materials on hand, you should be able to follow along with the tutorial and have a shield ready to use in one day's time.

Don't like this cardboard shield? Check out some of the other DIY Captain America shield versions you can try out for Halloween.

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