Inside Out: DIY Sadness Costume & Makeup for Halloween

DIY Sadness Costume & Makeup for Halloween

Sadness won over the worried world with her downtrodden, mopey attitude in Inside Out, the widely popular animated film from Pixar and Disney. She's relatable, helping us to connect with all of our bouts of tears, sour attitudes, and blue feelings—and this Halloween, you can embody Sadness with this easy DIY makeup tutorial via Rotoscopers.

To begin creating your own version of Sadness, Rotoscopers recommends starting with a makeup sponge and blue face paint. Choose a lighter color, and begin applying by wetting the sponge and the paint.

Be forewarned that the color will be light at first. Instead of applying in one even coat, your face will likely appear patchy and poorly covered. Simply dampen your sponge and apply a second coat, and if your layers are still weak, let them dry and apply another on top to smooth out the application and color. As Rotoscopers warns, it can be a long, tricky process, so get ready for many coats of blue.

Your next step is adding a layer of darker eyeshadow in a deeper blue to your eyelids. Smooth it over the uppermost part of your lids, using a navy-colored blue all the way up to your lids' creases. Add in a middle, or transitionary color in between navy and the pale blue of your face to make it appear smoother. From there, use a brush to blend it into the lighter blue of your face paint.

Okay, back to that face paint. Chances are, it's still struggling to cover your skin, so it's time for another layer. This time, ensure that you're setting the face paint by brushing over it with a translucent powder to make it stick.

Next, give your cheeks a bit of less-blue color and apply a pink rosy blush. Dust it over the apples of your cheeks and leave it alone.

Now, let's jump back to the eyes with with midnight blue: use a brush to apply it around the lower corners and underneath eyes to make them pop around the bottom lash line. Whether you choose a darker or even lighter color, both work to highlight those eyes.

However, we want them to be very blended, as Sadness has big eyes, so use eyeliner pen in white to line your own water line and truly make them pop.

Once the color of your eyes is set, accentuate them by applying mascara. Although Sadness isn't exactly known for her gorgeous lashes, it's safe to add a tiny but for volume. Make sure to stay away from the lower lashes, though, as it isn't recommended.

Now, it's time to tackle those eyebrows: Sadness doesn't have a face that features prominent brows, so we need to make them disappear by increasing the amount of blue face paint on them. The goal here is to make them disappear, so you can also choose to cover them in colorless wax.

Once complete, it's time to make your new eyebrows. Draw their lines in a very dark blue, starting at a mid-forehead point and sloping the shape downward into a descending line.

Although it may be tempting to apply a brilliant, bright color, remember that Sadness's lips aren't a strong color. In fact, they're a faint purple, so it's better to apply a light, translucent color. As Rotoscopers recommends, it's actually best to paint on lipstick or lip gloss, then take it off—we don't want the shine, but we do want it to enhance the color while eliminating shine. You can also choose to apply no lip product at all.

In your final step, it's time to add the wig and those familiar purple glasses Sadness is known for. (If you can find purple glasses, you can always paint a black pair purple yourself.)

Now, with a heavy turtleneck sweater, your costume is complete. If you want to go as an ensemble, your friends could dress up like the rest of Riley's emotions—Joy, Disgust, Fear, and Anger.

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