Inside Out: DIY Disgust Costume & Makeup for Halloween

DIY Disgust Costume & Makeup for Halloween

Whether you choose the sassy face of someone like your inner Disgust from Inside Out, or you're the happy-go-lucky Joy, chances are you're well-versed in expressing your inner "ew." So for this Halloween, take pride in your judgmental self by donning a DIY Disgust mask.

YouTube creator Charisma Star has the perfect Disgust "costume" for any Disney Pixar fan. She will help you turn into the sassy character from Inside Out with nothing more than a few shades of green, some eyeshadow, and a fancy pair of fake eyelashes.

Start your look with a mix of dark green, light green, and white costume face paint.

Rather than applying these separately, mix them together so you can find your perfect shade. With the many different varieties available online, brush onto face a blend of shades in true green, white, and yellow-based coloring.

Go ahead and get blending with your favorite foundation brush, until you get the desired color of green. Cover your entire face, working from the chin upwards to create an even blend.

Once your skin has turned primarily green, Charisma Star recommends using two colors of lighter eyeshadow to highlight and contour your newly green look. Work these up and down the bridge of your nose, and along your face's grooves.

Now that your face is fantastically green, it's time to fill in those trademark popping purple eyes. Charisma Star suggests taking a brilliantly purple eyeshadow and painting it over your lids.

To deepen the color and really enhance your eyes, blend an additional layer of purple-colored glitter over the shadow. Finally, finish those eyes with a quick swish of black eyeliner over the top of your upper lids.

Once your lids are colored, it's time to get lining. Use dark green eyeliner to highlight those lower lashes, and deepen the color with sparkly green liquid liner. This will ensure your eyes pop against the green that colors your skin tone.

Next, fill in and define your bland brows with green liner. Pencil over your natural coloring with a glittery or deep green choice, darkening them to help them pop as much as your eyes.

Once your eye color is complete, work on curling your lashes. You'll want to add mascara last, so as not to leave a coat of sticky black along your colorful eyelids. If you truly want to master Digust's look, typical lashes won't do—instead, amp your own up with more than mascara.

As Charisma Star suggests, you can create your sparkly green lashes with a combination of green glitter, paper, and careful scissor creations. If you can find sparkly green false lashes, add those into the mix before using eyelash glue to set the creation on your lids.

Next, accentuate your cheek bones by brushing on pink blush. Apply onto the apples of your cheeks, working up towards your hairline. As you sweep the brush across your cheeks, use an upward motion to move the color in a curved streak.

Finally, it's time to finish your new look with brilliantly pink lips that pop. Charisma Star suggests lining and coloring your lips pink with a blend of three different lipsticks shades, in hues of purples and pinks.

Once your lips are perfectly suited to the same pink of your eyelids (and perhaps accessories), you're finished! You'll pop, not only as the perfect shade of green for Disgust, but for your costume's attention to detail. The last step is to get a green wig, which you can buy online or from any local costume shop, and a sparkly pink scarf.

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Photos by Charisma Star/YouTube

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