How To: Turn Your Nails into Claws

Turn Your Nails into Claws

I saw an amazing video with a great idea on how to create claws when you have longer nails. I want to go as a Vampire this year, but those claws that you buy look terrible on me, because my nails are long and you can see them under the fake claws. The video was in German, which kinda "spooked" me at first, but the girl added English subtitles (thank god). Here is the video and the instructions she gives:

Step 1: Paint Your Nails Nude.

You can to use a nude that is the most similar to your own skin tone.

Step 2: Mark the First Third of Your Nail with a Pen.

That will help you with the next step.

Step 3: Create the Claw with Duct Tape or Striping Tape.

Position the duct tape or striping tape between the previous painted point up to the nail tip to create the claw.

Step 4: Pain the Claw with Black Polish.

And remove the striping tape immediately.

Step 5: If You Need, Correct Some Small Mistakes.

Step 6: You Can Customize It if You Wish.

You can use a matt topcoat or some red glitter polish.


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