How To: Turn the Maze Runner into an Easy Halloween Costume

Turn the Maze Runner into an Easy Halloween Costume

The Maze Runner tells the story of an unpredictable maze designed to kill. If you're looking for a Halloween costume that's both dark and deadly, the film offers a great option.

With its cast of mostly male characters clothed in plain, well-worn clothes, creating an awesome The Maze Runner costume might not seem easy. Yet, with dark makeup and a few lines, you can turn your face into the movie's crazy, ever-changing maze.

Youtuber xxmakeupiscoolxx offers a tutorial that's a cinch to replicate. With a simple maze mask and a few cuts and scrapes, you can become one of The Maze Runner's bloodied survivors.

With this tutorial, your mask comes together in just minutes. Adding the bloody wounds is a fast process, too, combining makeup and concealer to get a 3D effect.

If you have a little more time to prep on Halloween night, try turning your whole body into the frightening maze. Youtube makeup pro C0OK1EMONSTER offers easy-to-follow instructions that show how to extend your The Maze Runner costume.

It all begins with a series of straight lines—the goal is to make your lines as unpredictable as the movie's twists and turns, leaving room around the eyes for a mini makeup mask. Once your detailed maze is complete, it's time to add a bit of color and shading to create a mask.

Now, you're ready to turn yourself into a victim of the maze, or even the maze itself—and you won't spend too much time prepping on Halloween night.

Check out all our guides for awesome Halloween costumes for both the long-planning and last-minute Halloweeners, and be sure to share your thoughts on these Maze Runner inspired looks in the comments below as well as our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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