How To: Make a Where the Wild Things Are Halloween costume

Make a Where the Wild Things Are Halloween costume

Release your inner wild thing with a costume based on the classic children's book.
You Will Need
* 1½ yards of 72" wide white fleece
* Marking chalk
* Scissors
* Straight pins
* A sewing needle and a sewing machine
* 1½-inch white polyester thread
* ½ yard white Velcro
* A tape measure
* Bright yellow cotton fabric
* Polyester stuffing
* A foot of ¼-inch elastic
* 1/3-yard imitation fur
* Gold foil card stock
* White glue
* Paperclips
* Gray pipe cleaners
* 4 1½-inch coverable buttons
* An 18-inch dowel or stick
* Silver spray or acrylic paint
* A 3-inch Styrofoam ball
* Aluminum foil
* A fake jewel about 1 inch in size

Step 1: Measure the bodysuit

Step 2: Cut and sew the fabric

Use a zigzag stitch anywhere the material may stretch.

Step 3: Make a V-neckline

Step 4: Add Velcro strips

Step 5: Make the hood

Step 6: Make mitts

The mitts should look like flaps, so that the child's hands and fingers are free.

Step 7: Create claws

Step 8: Attach the claws

Step 9: Create feet

Step 10: Make foot claws

Step 11: Create a tail

Step 12: Make a crown

Step 13: Add some fur

Step 14: Add the finishing touches

Step 15: Make the scepter

Fact: The monsters in Where the Wild Things Are were based on the author's aunts and uncles.

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