How To: Make a Paper Bag Princess DIY Halloween costume

Make a Paper Bag Princess DIY Halloween costume

The Paper Bag Princess is one of the most beloved children's books for girls of all time, and it's heroine is a great role model for young girls everywhere. If you love the book, watch this video to learn how you can make an easy, sexy Paper Bag Princess Halloween costume.

From the Creator:

?Products Used:::::
*Annabelle eyebrow pencil in Taupe
*MAC Kid eyeshadow
*The Body Shop Lightening Touch #3
*Pink mineral eyeshadow (any of your choice)
*Wet N' Wild Color Icon eyeshadow in Creme Brule
*Hard Candy Mineralized blush in Living Doll
*Mehron Color Cups in brown (?)
*Ardell Lashes (120?)
*DUO Lash Glue
*The Body Shop Liner in Nude
*Wet N Wild lipstick 901B

*Almay Clear Complexion Foundation

?How to Make the Crown:

I cut a 4-5 inch strip from a paper bag and taped it into a ring. I then cut strips out of the top, to make it look more like a crown. To make sure I could attach the crown to my hair, I cut a few little tabs (you can catch a glimpse of this at 5:50) out of the bottom. I attached it to my hair with bobby-pins.

*Down-Under Naturals
*Comb is from Sally's for around $2.00

? Brushes used in this tutorial:
*MAC 217
*ELF Studio C shadow brush
*MAC 168

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