HowTo: Top 10 DIY Nerdtastic Halloween Costumes

Top 10 DIY Nerdtastic Halloween Costumes

Defined by Urban Dictionary, Nerdtastic: Something generally not cool, but to a nerd it's freakin' fantastic. Below, a collection of WonderHowTo's top 10 favorite, utterly nerdtastic Halloween costume tutorials. The clock's ticking, so if you don't have your costume yet, peruse below and get started!

1. Living, Breathing Toy Green Army Man

Remember the incredible cosplay green army man? Now you can recreate it yourself with JustinTLawson's easy and inexpensive instructable.

HowTo: Top 10 DIY Nerdtastic Halloween Costumes

2. World's Greatest Stormtrooper Costume

Neither quick, easy nor cheap, Studio Creation's stormtrooper costume tutorial is certainly the most thorough on the web. Time's a wasting, so you better set aside this whole upcoming week if you plan to undertake this ambitious project. (Seriously, this HowTo requires building your own vacuumform table!)

HowTo: Top 10 DIY Nerdtastic Halloween Costumes

3. Ultimate Nerd Couple: His and Hers Mortal Kombat Costumes

If you're a nerdtastic unit this Halloween (and die hard Mortal Kombat fans), try Kitana for Her and Sub Zero for Him. Beginner to intermediate project from Threadbanger; you will need basic sewing skills.

3. SpiderMan Web Shooters

You can pick up a fairly cheap SpiderMan costume at pretty much any party store these days. But rarely does that costume come equipped with the most important part. Below, Indy Mogul demonstrates how to make your own SpiderMan web shooters! (Skip ahead to 2:14 to get to the good stuff.)

4. Who Ya Gonna Call? GHOSTBUSTERS

My personal favorite! Gotta love Greasetattoo's Ghost from Ghostbusters instructable. Graphically clean, fairly easy to make, and the total cost comes in at under $25.

HowTo: Top 10 DIY Nerdtastic Halloween Costumes

5. The Human Rubik's Cube

Nerds rejoice! Learn how to make designerd's human-sized Rubik's Cube. The process is fairly simple, but be prepared to do lots of time consuming tape work.

HowTo: Top 10 DIY Nerdtastic Halloween Costumes

6. Anime Cartoon Character Makeup

Employing the same technique as Lady Gaga's anime eyes, use the instructional video below to recreate your own favorite anime character of choice. The results are spooky.

7. Transformers Soundwave Costume

Another majorly time consuming undertaking, Incrxtc's Transformers Soundwave Costume is one of the proud winners of Instructables' 2009 Halloween Contest. Materials and steps are plentiful, but the end result is awesome. Better start now!

HowTo: Top 10 DIY Nerdtastic Halloween Costumes

8. The Classic LEGO Man

Kaged Kombat's LEGO man is simple, bold and classic. Best of all, you can make it in just a couple days.

HowTo: Top 10 DIY Nerdtastic Halloween Costumes

9. Full Size Power Loader Costume from Aliens

Although alexthemoviegeek's Power Loader costume looks incredibly complex, he promises to demonstrate how to make it "on a modest budget in a pretty short time". Total cost = $225.

HowTo: Top 10 DIY Nerdtastic Halloween Costumes

10. Iron Man Arc Reactor

Last but not least, Honus' Iron Man Arc Reactor instructable is far from simple. That is, unless you've got some decent circuitry skills under your belt. For the ambitious, it's well worth it- the end result is stunningly realistic.

HowTo: Top 10 DIY Nerdtastic Halloween Costumes

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